How to explain to my mother without upsetting her?

My mother has been in denial over my sz ever since I was hospitalized. No record or proof of successful medication will convince her. But, most of all, I am afraid to try and convince her.

Part of me doesn’t want her to leave denial. However, I am leaving for college in a few months. Any ideas on what is the best route of action? Thanks.

Get these books and give it to her, when she’s ready she’ll read them:

Lots of people hear the voices some of the time and just don’t want to deal with stigma or discrimination. Some have lite case and keep functioning while some are a nervous breakdown due to PTSD/insomnia, then psychosis and mental care is so bad it takes couple years to get used to new ways especially if you have strangers bothering you and it paranoia at same time. I would work on just functioning…and do not try to even socialize much except with people you already know. If you try to do work, school and socialize, it can wreck you so just take it easy.

Better to get dr note from current psychiatrist in case you run into any discrimination in the classroom. (If you try to get into new mental care near your new school, the pdoc may deny your request and it will wreck you. Would recommend you keep your current psych care all the way through college and just use it twice a year or quarterly if possible to travel back home.) Can be MUCH better choice to take 1-2 classes first and pay cash to make sure the place is not mistreating some people as you may need to pay back Pell Grant or student loans even if you drop. SO, BE silently ASSERTIVE IF NECESSARY and responsive if you meet any discrimination and go to disability support services just to have someone who knows this professor is not treating people right and you can do homework/tests in a different area that is quiet and have alternative assignments if you are doing group work with someone who doesn’t treat you okay…You can try to just tell the professor you have a diagnosed mental illness but sometimes things are just too bad to even deal with some of the professors. If you get into trouble, would just quietly insist I can finish up the classes at my own pace and go PT. (I am fine doing graphic design/layout/web stuff now but the tough stuff like calculus/physics/chemistry is just not possible for me any longer. I’m really lucky I finished a BA degree at 22 and nervous breakdowned at 29 as I already have my education. I just learned web/social media later to make a journalism degree & marketing work complete.)

Good luck! Remember, if you run into any problems I would just return home and do online school. IT IS MAJOR BLESSING TO HAVE ONLINE SCHOOL ONCE YOU SEE HOW SOME PEOPLE WILL ACT TOWARD SCHIZED OUT.

If there is anything I’ve learned over the past few years dealing with my own parents is you can’t manage how someone else is going to act and you can’t manipulate them either. I tiptoed around my own mother for so long worrying about how she would react to this or that, I didn’t worry about myself. Boundaries.


Parents will worry about you regardless of where you are at in life. Don’t let that stop you from letting them in.

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All you can do is present her with the facts. If she doesn’t want to acknowledge you are mentally ill, you might have to accept that.

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