How to deal with anhedonia?

How do you guys deal with anhedonia?

I just try hard to enjoy the stuff I’m doing, but sometimes I yawn a lot and I want to do nothing.

I don’t. I just do what I know I have to do. Everything seems to be cyclical. I haven’t even painted in many months, but I’m anticipating this cycle to turn and I’ll feel better again. If I don’t question the point of something/life then it’s more enjoyable to just exist.

It’s hard to have motivation for something that is not enjoyable. This is the cause that i have set backs. I want to interact with people but I can’t feel pleasure or joy. It is a flat feeling and it is exhausting. It makes me really tired psychologically.
Despite this i have to try every day for the best. I believe i can get out of this.

as hard as it may seem on meds, exercise usually gets those endorphins released and you can feel some pleasure that way. If you do it regularly you will be less depressed and feel better on the whole too.


My Anhedonia is pretty severe.
I don’t feel like doing much.
I go online a lot but that’s pretty much it.

I really don’t know how to address the situation.

Good idea! I will try it tomorrow. Maybe after cycling (pushing myself) I can enjoy more my video-games or even enjoy a good movie.

Thanks for the advice :smile:

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yes you will at least have that feeling of accomplishment and you can feel good, not guilty, when you chill out in front of the TV after.


For me a med change switched off my anhedonia and I haven’t had it since. I can’t really control my feelings of pleasure as well as I used to and I don’t feel very complex pleasures anymore but I feel pleasure, sometimes too much. I’m not back to how I was before but I’ve recovered some and I’m really happy about that. I still have some very strong negative symptoms like alogia, alogia is always there. I know you have alogia too and I hope we can find a cure. I’ve had alogia far too long and I’m starting to give up hope.

I’ve got alogia but I read an article (in Portuguese) that says physical exercises can make the cognitive symptoms get better. Alogia is a cognitive symptom.

I cycled today for an hour but I’m still yawning. Maybe I have to cycle more times to see the results steadily.

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I used to chat with my friends and try to deviate my thoughts by getting involved in activities like reading and badminton. The other tip which I got from my doctor is learning a new language and I’m planning to try that too. Which is your hobby? What makes you happy? Think about that try to spend time for that, do as much of exercises, listen to some good music and be with the person whom you are happy with.

Hello, i still dont have diagnosis, because my psychosis was induced by drugs. Im taking risperidone 2mg a day for a year now. Seems like i cant live like this anymore, i think its because of the medication. I cant feel emotions, cant cry, i cant be sad or angry or happy. Its hard to communicate with people, also im feeling derealization all the time. Im feeling just like a robot doing stuff, so its been a year and i didnt felt any emotion at all, even when my uncle died i just was: ok he is dead. Is it the same to everyone? Should i change my medication? I dont know what to do.

Has it been like this since you started on meds or did you have flat affect and anhedonia before meds?

My anhedonia hit me hard before I got meds. Been in lack of joy and happy feelings for 6 years. I’ve tried 4 meds and Abilify is the best of them. But it has not made joy or happiness to return.

I think i was fine until i started medication, maybe a little bit depressed, but still had my emotions. Sorry to hear that, i think its really hard to live like that. Patience and strenght should be our best friend.