How to choose ( perfect ---> correct path ) correct path always and avoid wrong path always? Your suggestion please

How to choose ( perfect —> correct path )

correct path always


avoid wrong path always?

Your suggestion please.

I’m one of those people who learns how to do the right thing by doing the wrong thing first. Most of the time, anyhow. You’re not always going to choose the correct path, man. That’s life. The important thing is to learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Mistakes are learning and growing opportunities for you as a human being. Yeah, they can be embarrassing and hurtful at times, but I try to take solace in the fact that I’m still growing as a human being. That’s okay, too.

Don’t overthink things, d00d.



e(Y)e Was Once Told (by) a Counselour To Stop Thinking , As An Answer To Get Rid Of Anxiety … ,

You See Tha Term “schizophrenia” As e(Y)e Have Read About Means Something Such As “SPLIT MYNDE” … ,

Which For Me Means ,

IF Someone Says , “jus stop thinking your troubles will be gone” , My Brain Will Rapid Fire Endless Thots Of Whatever …


So Telling Someone To Stop Thinking , As They Are Able To Naturally Is INCORRECT … ,

We Sometimes Wander and We Are Able To Anahlayze and Figure Out Self Or Unself Imposed Riddles … ,

So To Tell Someone To Stop “overthinking” Is a Slight Way To Say ,


Which Is Insulting To Say Tha Least … ,

)))Agree To Disagree Part3(((

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I’ll take your advice seriously about the same time you learn to use proper grammar.

Pot. Kettle. Black.



Naught Even Gonna Say It … ,

))------ > Please . Yes Please . ,

Please Enjoi Tha Show …

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and Don’t Forget To Wear Your “moderator hat” …

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You don’t say a lot, but the word count you use in that effort is impressive, I’ll give you that.

Ever thought of notifying Guinness? Possible world record with your name on it.


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sometimes one of the paths is so steep that you roll down it on to the road and get hit by a number 10 bus, then you get up and start walking again but you could never get back onto that path again because it was way up there and you are not a very good climber.


(by) (tha) (way) “pixelf” ,

As a “moderator” You Probs Shouldn’t Go Out Of Your Way To “make fun” Of Those Who have Tha “Illness” Within a Supposedly Helpful Syte …

Jus Sayin …

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i stopped trying to over think things a long time ago, i had been trying it unsuccessfully for years but wasnt unti i had a med change that i was able to free up my mind bc it was all tight, my doc never told me to stop thining about things but i have kind of taught myself and i say to myself dont over think things

i get really delusional when that happens, we all just got to free our minds up, we need to slow down and imagine that great empty space in our mind bc there is room there,

like in a library where all the knowledge is at your finger tips but you dont need to read it — its up to you if you want to read all day and night but personally i just like to look at the covers and pictures lol

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Whatcha Think daydreamer , Is “pixelf” Overstepping His Boundries Here (???)

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Look, take a shot at me, you’re getting one back. @SzAdmin can de-mod me any time he likes, it’s not a status thing. My ability to participate here means more to me than the label. If you’re wanting respect, consider upgrading your communications style to what the rest of the planet uses. Or get used to sideways glances. Your choice.


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Yeah Ok Dude , Makes Sense …

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OK guys - I think this initial discussion has been de-railed enough.

Generally I agree with Pixel, and I think generally he agrees with me - but of course neither of us is “mistake-proof”.

We do our best.