How to be less aware

I’m always hyperaware of what’s going on around me. Like someone put in another thread “paying attention to things other people would think is totally normal” I don’t know how to stop has anyone successfully overcome this symptom?


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i’m still working on it, its a fight/flight situation where we are responding to a perceived threat but the problem is that everything is a potential threat so how can we learned to come down from that fighting mindset? reduce our perceived threat? only thing that helped me was meds but i help myself on meds too.

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It’s hard not to… I think it’s lingering trauma for me when I used to hear hallucinations from the public all around me.
I think it takes time idk if it will ever go away especially on meds which so far make me feel disconnected.
I feel hyperstimulated by the public surrounding it really is a bit of a bother.

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My psychologist describes it as having three parts to the brain.

Threat, Drive and Compassion.

I have too much threat to which makes you hyperaware, but this is not sustainable.

Her recommendation is to get a balance but I have no ■■■■■■■ clue how.


It’s all a social thing in my case, like a distrust in people, key is to relax and build confidence, get exposed to social situations, be brave, not worry too much, some situations are very easy while others are harder, why? Mainly because I get anxious from… Nothing, it’s all in my mind, in those situations that are easy I feel so great, like I let my personality out, very important, let yourself out, if I feel like saying something I say it, in the correct way, when anxious it can be a little hard :laughing: ,

once that obstacle is overcome anxiety fades away, I stop feeling strange, am myself again and start having fun, I have this gift that some people here also have we are usually smarter than the rest of the group, mix that with social skills, good feelings and life becomes ez,

the problem may return but that is the struggle of life, happiness is relative, for you it could be overcoming your mental problem, for others it can be having food, etc.

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Thank you everyone!

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My therapist told me this too, aswell as someone I used to know… It must be a universal thing they use in England

Did it help as I found it explained it in a way I could understand, but we never got as far as restoring the balance.

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My therapist was quite reassuring that things are OK, there’s no need to be threatened
Statistics and also saying that there’s no point in worrying about things u can’t control. Instead just trying your best and having more confidence in people.
And that time may be a factor too… To heal traumatic things that are triggering the threat thing

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