HOW THE HECK DO I KEEP A JOB? hallucinating and anxiety crippling me

I am currently working for my mom, bc she understands and is supporting me through all of this. But I left my last job to be voluntarily committed for a short time and get on meds. But constant episodes despite the meds, and severe anxiety and confusion make work impossible. What can I do?

you could apply for SSDI or SSI whichever you can get? it’s a hard life living on a disability check but I manage. If you have work history you could get SSDI which usually pays more than SSI.

Work was definitely a major stressor for me. I don’t think any of us should work from a health workers point of view. We take major tranquilizers for that same kind of stress from working that we have from just being ill. I am not much more than an independent mentally incarcerated person in my own home that can take care of myself. I help the neighbors and my family out with things that only a retired person could take care of. Neighbor hood watch kind of guy as well. Most folks here own their homes and are still working.

That’s pretty cool that people depend on you. I always like to feel useful too.

Keep working with your mom. My job is pretty low-stress.

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