How techno dumb are you?

I don’t know how to spell the letter “Z”

Ahaha! I almost posted a techno viking clip too! :joy:

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Hey - can you private mesage me? I don’t know why I don’t have option to “flag” a post; should I ever have negativety thrust upon me. My only options are the :heart:, :link:& the bookmark icon

Sorry my icons didn’t come through. The heart to “like” a post & the chain-link where the icons included

I’m pretty tech savvy. I fix all my computer issues myself, except for the hardware stuff on my laptop. That’s too complicated. I tried it once and it didn’t go well.

Hey @Alone, we noticed you have a habit of flirting and asking male posters to pm you, I just want to remind you of the guidelines:

As long as it stays in the friendship court, it’s okay :slight_smile:

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Building computers makes me dizzy.

If you live in Canada, it’s spelled “Z-E-D”

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I didn’t know 77 is a guy. 77 liked a few of my posts & that made me feel I could trust them. I know 3 girls named Nicole that go by Nick as their nickname. I was looking for guidance on user tools. I was in psychosis when I was talking to the other member. Please read my post to D, Como. & to 77. You can then see my post about why I know braille, my trying to someone with an ill child, etc… And the 2 posts I put up for fav quotes. Thanks for being supportive! Can you answer my question?

Yes, right now you’re set to basic level, so there isn’t an option for you to flag yet.

Since you were only posting on @Reggie’s posts, and flirting, we decided that was the best course of action.

Thank you for answering my question

The engineer at Intel who fabricate microprocessor chips using Nano technology is then someone who eat and drink like us.

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Up until today, I have been in a bad place, as it was the anniversary of my daughters death. She died a yr ago at 3 yrs old from double pneumonia.I had her in the ER the same day her health turned from a cold her family doc was monitoring to severe lethargy. She passed within less than 3 days. Lawyers said family doc was at fsikt for negligence, as he didn’t listen to the fluid in her lungs & sent us home., But I still feel immense responsibility

I’m really sorry about you daughter passing away. It must be really hard for you. You have my sympathies

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I’m truly sorry to hear about your daughter. Sounds like you’ve had a tough time. Take care.

Pls ignore my questions. I got the answer. Thx

Thank you for your kind words. May I be honest without getting in trouble? You really made me feel like you had a personal agenda against me. And maybe it’s my fault, as my posts didn’t come across to you how I meant them. Which was to be taken as jokes, just in an effort to get you to smile. I never intended to offend you.

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I am techno dumb when it comes to cellphones (I have one non-smart phone in my truck for emergencies) and cable tv.

Computers though I am good at.

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No worries. You didn’t offend me. I was just puzzled at the sudden uptick in @ notices I was receiving from you.

And that was because it appeared you were commenting in a negative manner to my posts. Mis-communication on both ends. Water under the bridge. Fresh start! :relaxed: