How stressful is dealing with people for you?

  • 5 extreme stress
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1 low stress

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This comes from my issues. Maybe im more social phobe than sz.

I practically had a stroke answering this question.


I like talking to people and I’m pretty friendly. It’s not an issue socialising for me.


Yeah I’m not too bad at dealing with others. I just don’t give myself enough chances to do so.

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We have some customers at work who are flat-out nuts and my Account Executive tries to ditch them on me. I have to fire them back his way as it’s clearly his responsibility to resolve these issues. Frustrating and stressful AF.

Depends if it’s the type of person who seemingly makes life more difficult for you just for fun it would seem

I have had a few customers cause me problems, and stuck up neighbours who interfered with one of my jobs

People can be really petty and weird

This is why I like my own company best, but I do admit I’d like to have a few friends to talk to sometimes - even if it’s just phone calls

social interactions drains my energy… i need to recover after social interactions…

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Not usually stressed, but occasionally.

Try studying the different personality types and how to deal with them, that can help reduce stress with social interactions.

I have no stress dealing with people

I thought no stress would be an option

If I know and am fairly comfortably with the person I’m ok but dealing with the general public causes me stress and dealing with crowds causes me extreme stress.

3 or 4. I voted for 3

It can be quite stressful. Especially if it’s an interaction with someone official , rather than it being a casual interaction.

I think there are things I am not doing right. I don’t know about it.

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