Different levels of schizophrenia?

Hey beautiful ppl.

I have a question regarding different levels of schizophrenia e.g. mild, moderate and severe. I might have missed it but I feel that it is not spoken of very much in research.

What are your inputs? How do you describe yourselves at the moment?


Moved to DX’d- Sz/Sza

My Mother’s Pre-frontal cortex is very bad and She doesn’t have Schizophrenia only memory problems always doing same mistakes related to memory while cooking etc

My Father and my Elder Sister are good at education and are Doctors but their Brains are also defective, defective in a sense they exhibit cognitive deficits.

I’ve Paranoid type Schizophrenia. A Birth defect, a genetic defect so with my family having genetic defects my Schizophrenia is severe. Due to large doses of anti psychotics I lost ability to experience pleasure but I was never hospitalized.

My Prefrontal cortext (working memory) and my Temporal lobes (long term memory) are both damaged so I have severe memory problems.

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I think it would be very difficult to describe a lot of people in those terms as how they are individually may vary considerably in terms of presence of symptoms, occupational and social functioning,cognitive ability etc.
For example some here do ok occupationally but not socially and some are the opposite.

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I suppose at this moment I would say mild, since medicated, my positive symptoms are almost absent, negative symptoms moderate, and cognitive mild - that levels out to mild on medication if each has similar weight ;). But I don’t know, my psychotic episodes were very intense with very elaborate and coherent hallucinations that were present 24/7, while I also read that some people have a few single words a day during an episode. During episodes, my negative symptoms have been mild, or I simply was too busy with the head circus to notice, when compared to how they are now. And cognitive symptoms during episodes - not sure what to say. I think much of my cognitive problems during episodes are only secondary, in that they are best accounted for by sleep deprivation because of the mere omnipresence of hallucinations and intrusive thoughts. These also make for it being difficult to concentrate on worldly things since they are so salient. Where does this leave me overall?

I would say moderate because at least I’m not homeless or in jail like many of the more severely mentally ill are. But I notice signs that it borders on severe as I have been told no drug will ever completely rid me of the voices, there have been a number of strange moments over the years even after I was supposedly stable that I seemed to hear voices outside my head, and i am not working, or driving. I also am starting to suffer cognitive difficulties I’m afraid.

Considering I was a severe case, my situation is extremelly mild now.


Schizophrenia can make people unstable enough that someone with a “mild case” might suddenly careen into full blown psychosis. And it is so devastating that I don’t know if there is such a thing as a “mild case”. That could be the reason why it is rarely spoken of in these terms.

I would describe myself at the moment as with a very mild level of shizophrenia, especially after being in an institution for the mentally ill last year, for about a month, where I saw some pretty debilitating cases.

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Schizophrenia is like autism. There is a sliding scale of how it affects your functionality. Socially, I was very gregarious. Then very subtly I found myself isolating. I’m better but I couldn’t stay at parties for too long or anything like.

I feel like I drew the short straw.

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Thank you very much for your response. I understand, I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine. Gee, I assume you live in America? I have heard that many people with mental illnesses are in jail instead of in treatment, it is so inhumane and so evil how such a country that is “developed” can be so backwards in some way… :disappointed: Another question, when you usually hear audiable voices, are they from outside you head or from inside…like, is there a difference and how?

Thank you for your response! Do you see your condition only as a genetic defect or is there a possibility that it also could be a “defect”/trauma of the soul that needs to be healed and dealt with? What are your views?

From what I’ve read I have residual schizophrenia … mostly just a tendency to withdraw and to be very sensitive to stress in my case.

Same here. Without meds I revert back to severe. I have mild impairments from the SZ in terms of positive and negative symptoms. I have moderate impairments with socializing, which is probably a combo of SZ and autism.


I had moderate sz. I was in hospital for 6 months. Was catatonic for 4 days. Maybe that is severe. I don’t know. This was 6 years ago.

My voices come from outside my head. I listen to music alot. But if I turn up the music too loud they start screamin and yelling at me.

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I usually hear them inside my head. When they are outside my head it seems like people are really talking about me in a strange way. Sometimes certain people would sound like that constantly to me which i guess is why some of us target certain people as extreme objects of love, hate or both. I am pleased to say that the last person who had that effect on me has been out of my life now for a long time. I also hear voices outside of my head when I’m at my sickest or in extreme times of stress.

Last I checked my sz power level was over 9000


Only over 9000,pfft puny mortal !

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9000 is as high as I can count…there’s more numbers?

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There’s more but they’re being held ransom. $50,000 for a 10,000.

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