How’s everybody doing?


How is … ? Doing


I’m doing okay i guess. Been doing nothing all day. Kind of depressed.


Why you don’t work?


Because of my sza. I am on disability.


Me too! But I work


That’s good. I used to work until i got to the point where i couldn’t anymore. I get super paranoid about my coworkers and other people.


It’s boring life to do nothing all day


Yeah i sometimes find things to do but today i have no motivation to do anything.


Go to gym…your motivation will improve… if you overcome yourself… defeat yourself


I hate the gym. We have a treadmill i can walk on here though. I just have to work up the motivation to actually get on the thing.


It’s warm enough to hike there right???!


You will not have energy for a thing if you don’t train strength at gym or other sport


@Gratitude It’s actually pretty cold today. We’re supposed to get snow and ice this weekend according to the weatherman on the news.

@spooky Yeah, i know. I can do pushups in my room. I used to do a lot of them but got out of the habit. I need to start doing that again.


I’m not doing well today. Uncomfortable. Scared. Anxious. Fearful. Full of dread. Regretful. Sorry. Embarrassed.


I hate my job… don’t like it


I have a zit below my lip. Do I pop it? Or should I go see a skin doctor? I don’t know.

When I was a teenager people in there 40’s used to tell me you’re gonna miss acne when you don’t get it anymore. Ya sure. They were more nuts than me.