Sick of taking Diazepam

This site has advice on tapering off it and says about 25% drop. I am on 30mg a day, so I am dropping my evening dose of 10mg tonight, then next week another 10mg and then no more.

I nearly lost consciousness as I drank too much alcohol. Not good. Reading about it has made me hate the drug.

It doesn’t bother my pdoc that I am on it since last November, but it bothers me now.

I guess he will hear all about it when I see him on the 9th October. My case worker was supposed to call today but didn’t so I am taking matters into my own hands.

Horrible ■■■■■■■ drug

Alcohol is not good for me, even though i don’t take this med

I don’t usually drink alcohol. My parents took me on holiday and my step-dad drinks loads, so I participated and I nearly passed out three times and had to stop drinking after I looked up my meds to see if that was why.

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I take diazepam sometimes for severe agitation. Usually only 10 mg though as i don’t take it routinely so i don’t have a tolerance to it. Sounds as though you do have a tolerance, and possibly an addiction. I would definitely take it slow coming off it. Don’t push yourself too hard too fast, otherwise you’ll probably end up feeling worse. But it is a good step that you’ve decided to take. Alcohol and diazepam definitely don’t mix. Hope you’re okay now.

I am ok now. I had nasty chest pains for a while but they have gone now.

I have taken myself down to 15mg per day. I am basically taking 5 TDS rather than 10mg.

I only had to cut down one more step on aripiprazole so I have dropped that as well as it wasn’t necessary to take @5mg.

I am cutting the procyclidine now down to half.

My pdoc will not be happy but I need to do what’s right and taking all these meds isn’t good.

I am leaving the Amisulpride purely in the interests of being cautious.