How One Woman Describes Living With Schizophrenia

“Finding the right meds probably took me about ten years, and I’ve probably tried about 20 different medications,” said Hammer.


I seen that on youtube


Yep. took me about 17-18 years to find a medication combo that works really well for me.


Can’t quote part of the interview (as I did not want to accept cookies :sweat_smile:), but the person interviewed mentioned seeing a guy on the train speaking to himself the same way she used to do, and wondering just how different they are from each other.

Truth be told, the same thought runs through my mind every time I see somebody out in the real world displaying some gamut of symptoms.

It’s tough yet sobering in many respects when one sees another human with the same or similar illness having a rough go.

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Not speaking about this piece in particular, since I only viewed a small segment of video, but I kinda don’t like when one person claims that they are completely representative of the entire Schizophrenic community. We are all very different.

For example, I havnt tried very many meds. I never fully accepted haldol and took it consistently. The first med I took consistently worked for me.

Some of us have hallucinations, some do not.

Some are med resistant and still have symptoms, some do not.


It just seems to me, often these things present one persons circumstances as being representative of the entire population of sz’s. I just wish our representation were more varied.