How on earth it is possible to feel nothing at all from my heavy ap?

Sounds a bit un-ethical. But try to take the “bast!rd approach”. Look after number one - be selfish. And if anyone annoys you tell them to

It takes self-confidence, but once you learn to only rely on yourself - and take ownership of your problems. Life can be alot easier.

Yeap, i know… Its still a balance to me, cause ive been a bit too ‘‘egocentric’’ in the past and even not sensible about the others, but i suffered a lot too… Its a lot to not have a life since 25 years, yeah… I dont even know the real life out there, cause i was sick since kid and no one didnt see nothing wrong about me until my diagnosis… Ok, ill try. But if meds doesnt help enough, seth, i should now rely on myself? Can i change just by efforts? its tricky i find… My mother thinks, that if efforts were enough, there wouldnt have be mentally ill people on earth lol… Anyway, maybe i’ll be forever a bit way crazy, but the problem is that i have so much awareness that i cant be happy even like this…

Doesn’t zyprexa make you sleep?

If your antipsychotic makes your life livable and you don’t any major sideeffects on it then you should just stay on it.

Your replying to a post thats way old mate. Check the dates fella.

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