How often do you have to buy clothes?

I’m already way past XL from taking Latuda. I’m about to go to 3x it seems because I keep gaining weight. The straterra I was on worked to lose weight (three lbs) but I had to get off it because it was making me lay in bed all day. I can’t imagine someone who sticks to seroquel or zyprexa buying clothes for those meds must eat up a large part of your budget

I gained seventy pounds on Zyprexa, lost forty, and gained ten back. 3/4 of the clothes I own are L, right now I’m exactly at XL. I haven’t bought clothes in a while. Once I go to school I’m going to take style a little more seriously.

So far I’m at 55 lbs between the risperdal I had to take an Latuda which i take now. I wear an XL on clothes from walmart and target and xxl on Ross clothes. I never lost weight from stopping risperdal

I’m actually losing weight as I’m on a diet, so I had to buy a belt.

what’s “las”?

I shop at a thrift store mostly, sometimes at Target or some more expensive shop in the mall.

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i was 10 stone when i was 16 but now at 33 i am 15 stone which is a XXL in clothes and its hard getting things to fit, most places stock their best clothes in smaller sizes so if i see something that i really like and it fits i will buy it, recently i have just been thinking about wearing my kilt everywhere but idk, the chinese man said it was a good idea last night when i went for a chow mien lol

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I’m fighting the battle of the bulge too. My pants are getting tight around the waist. I take Geodon and Seroquel, but I don’t know if I can blame those med’s for my weight gain. I always have been a robust eater. When they put me on Zyprexa I gained 60 lbs. in 120 days. I don’t know how I did that. A pound of body fat has 3,500 calories. I know the weight gain couldn’t have been due to water retention or muscle growth. So, the gain had to be from body fat. To do that I would have had to have a calorie excess of 1,725 calories a day, which I know I couldn’t have had. I was in a mental hospital, and they fed us okay, but not that much. I have to wonder how such rapid weight gain could happen.

i gained weight from each of the anti psychotics I’ve been on except Haldol. I’ve stayed the same weight now for 7 months. I’m at 4-5xl. which is big. its hard to find clothes for me. i hate being this large, but i know as soon as my ankle is better i’m taking the inlaws pitbull/boxer mix out for walks.

I keep various sizes of clothes from weight losses to gains. I’m gaining again after losing, so I may have to go up a waist size again.

I’m disappointed in the clothes today, they don’t hold up past a season. For this reason I don’t buy stuff anymore
I refuse to buy new clothes, (really I never have), relying mostly on my “goodwill” that I bought 10-20 years ago that have yet to wear out, in fact they look better than the stuff bought last year.
So if the fashion industry is expecting to pay the rent with my contributions, they better get ready to starve.

I mostly wear jeans, scorts(skirts with shorts built in) and t-shirts, not difficult, my weight doesn’t fluctuate too wildly, maybe 10-20lbs depending on the goodies in the house, so I stay around a Med-Lg.

risperdal made me gain 70 to 80 pounds i am in 4 xl

I currently own all comfy, stretchy clothes, like I got some sweatshorts for summer that are stretchy round the waistband. That way if I gain or lose 20~ pounds this Summer, they will still fit me.

I gained 5-10kg from Amisulpride recent years so the old tight T-shirts, Jeans and skirts don’t fit me any more. I had to buy new Jeans, skirts and outfits. I’m now wearing Europe size 10-12.

Sorry to hear that. It seems like the weight never has a stopping point of just goes and goes

I used to be an Australian size 8 since ive been taking meds im now a 16

that is for sure. I am hoping to get off of risperdal and get on a new med hopefully that wont make me gain so much weight

I went up a few Jean sizes, can’t completely say it was the meds but they definitely contributed to the situation. I stopped exercising, drank alcohol and ate to much. Slowly losing it on a diet.