How much powder do you have to clean up from men's restrooms on their balls?

I’d say much more from men,
except women’s hygiene products,
sometimes Depends, or too much coffee poopy
splashes all over the wall.

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There was poop on mens bathroom last week, on the walls and on the floor.
… Worst part is the smell

I’m a cleaner

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yeah, it sucks. they always except somebody else to clean it up.
they don’t even make the kids clean up after themselves.
well, I’m not a mother to you, I’m doing a job of cleaning.


It does suck. But at least it’s not a frequent occurrence where I am.

Still, I don’t understand how they get it on the walls n floor :dotted_line_face:

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yeah, aggressive behavior, maybe. never happens at home.


Lol aggressive behaviour. Yea… Idk. I can just visualise that


I’ve seen public restrooms where I couldn’t understand how the poop got where it was, unless intentional disrespect. But why? Why would you do that to the person who has to clean that? Like they didn’t do anything to you. It just blows my mind. And they say we’re the crazy ones?


A good friend of mine was a janitor at one of those mega churches.

The things he had to clean were ungodly.

He said the women’s restroom was the biggest offender.

I won’t get into details,

But people do those things on purpose.

There’s no other explaination.



:face_with_monocle: I’m very curious.

When I worked at Panda Express, someone took a very used menstrual pad and smeared it all over the wall. I almost puked. Thankfully, I didn’t have to clean it. But I felt really bad for the employee who did.


Most of his stories were menstrual blood related.

I felt for him.

That’s terrible about Panda Express,

People are just awful.


I never put powder on my balls… Im confuse :confused::smile:


Well, when it comes to public restrooms men are pugs for sure. I remember as a child having to use the bathroom and my mom snuck me into the women’s restroom, honestly it was like a 5 star hotel compared to the men’s restroom. As a youth, I cleaned the church with my parents and I’d always get stuck cleaning the bathrooms. They weren’t as bad as other places but the men’s bathroom was clogged way more often than the women’s.

I honestly can’t remember the women’s restroom ever being clogged. Now I don’t claim to be an expert when it comes to women, but I think maybe for a lady to leave a toilet clogged it is a source of embarrassment… for some men it’s like an achievement. “Yeah I left the bathroom at the Hometown Buffet clogged, I ate so much!” Lol bad imagery perhaps, but there is some truth to having heard stuff like that before.

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