Worried about being a stinker

The only public toilets I ever liked were the ones that put more money into their cleaning supplies. Then, the smell was decent. Public school toilets were notorious.

I was stranded with no money at all. I asked one or two ladies for a dime. to get in the public toilet They looked at me like scum…A third lady. was coming out a door must’ve heard me. She held her door open for me to go in.

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Yes, you were seriously in need and two out of three wouldn’t help you. Doesn’t speak for man much. It’s almost like to poop or not to poop - this is the question. Will I be rejected for pooping? How inhumane it can be.

Wait. You have to pay to use a public restroom? Wth? @pob

I knew a public restroom that had one pay station that was extra clean and the others were free. Weird.

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