How much do you spend on sz medicine/injection every month?

Right now I’m paying 0$ but that may change soon as my medicare prescription coverage is reaching its limit idk how much its going to cost I may have to switch from the injection to the pills soon


Clozapine $1.20/month
Trazadone $2.00/month
Synthroid $1.30/month
Cymbalta $1.40/month
Atropine $4.00/month
Saxenda Free from doctor’s pharma agent

I’m paying maybe 20 to $30 a month for my psych meds. That’s Abilify and Cymbalta. I’m on Medicare with a Part D plan for prescriptions.

Slightly more per month than my old meds. And it still works out well, not like abilify or paliperidone.

as i said i pay four bucks for my antipsychotic, but i forgot that i pay a little less than twenty bucks for my medicare part d premium. that covers all my meds though, so however you would want to look at that.

I pay £0 for 150mg of Invega. Antipyshcoitc medication is free in the U.K.

Olanzapine and sertraline free in canada ontario disability support program.

I’m on state insurance and it covers all of my meds which are all generic. Also covers my support services. I am thankful they helped me apply again when I was in hospital last year.

I let the government pay for most of it which is a small amount out of my pocket. However the terrible restrictions put on my life as a result have often made me wonder if it was worth it. If I tried a cheaper drug or had attempted a higher paying profession maybe some of the embarrassing parts of my life like the lack of a family could have been different. However I’m 52, 377 pounds, and have a bad case of ED so I now say screw it.

Concerta is about is about 60 dollars and my injection prolixin is 10 dollars. I still also need to get cbd for anxiety and stress.

i pay a little bit but i don’t know really how much cause my mum always goes to pick up my meds… but it isn’t a lot. I think government health care pays most of it.

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