How much do you love hummus?


I love it so much.
Just the plain one.
So good.
Gonna go to a lebanese retsaurant this week and dip my food in it…


yes I love hummus. haven’t had it in a long time because we are on a low budget.


I only have it on certain ocassions too…makes it taste even better when you re not eating it all the time


Hummus is amazing! I love to dip pitta breads in it.


I gave it up. Can’t have a couple of crackers and hummus. I eat too much.


I love hummus coming from Lebanon! We have delicious food (I was only born there though).

Have you tried Baba Ghanouj? It is very similar to hummus but made with eggplant. Try that too :smiley:


Yeah I love hummus too.
It is delicious.
I like dipping pita or lavash bread into it.


Love it too I do!


It’s great stuff. I love the kind with crushed red peppers.


It’s super cheap to make! I make my own. All you need is a food processor.


@LED alas, I don’t have a food processor. maybe I could just fork mash a can of chick peas…that’s what it is isn’t it?


Do you have a blender? You could buy some tahini instead of making your own. It’s like $8 for a bottle of it, but it lasts forever because you only use a little.


What about low fat variety?


Ive tried it ages ago but dont remember loving it as much as hummus…
Yes you guys have amazing food its at the top of my favourite world foods.


Love it!

But can’t have it around the house because I’ll eat it all and its far from low calorie.

I suppose I could eat it with fresh veggies,

But come on,

Everyone wants to eat hummus with those little pretzel crackers!


Yea I would not keep it round the house …but when I go to a middle eastern restaurant I just love love dipping whatever food I get into hummus. Its a little heaven,


Am I the only one that definitely keeps it around? I make it at least once a month. It’s a great source of protein. Plus the kid loves it with carrot sticks.


homemade is def a healthier option. You can chose how much oil to add
Just looked up how calorific it is and it will actually make me think twice about chosing it :s
Cos Im on a diet man
Plus the servings at restaurants is very generous and its not like id be able to resist not eating the whole thing they serve me…


Isn’t it humous? :flushed:


Just have a reasonable portion! No need to cut it out completely if you enjoy it. Just limit it to a tablespoon or two.