How much can I tell my therapist

Before being hospitalized

Doesn’t matter. Tell them what they need to know and let them make the call on hospitalization. They can’t help you fix what they don’t know about.

They can’t help regardless

Well if you think they won’t help then they definitely won’t help.

I just think that because I’ve been in therapy forever and still feel like crap, I’ve had hope in the past

Well, just know that you are AWESOME and you do deserve to be happy.

The box of (((hugs))) is yours for the day - take what you need!

:heart: :hugs:


Seconded. You are indeed awesome, @Grookey. Use up that box of hugs. I’ll add happy thoughts and good vibes for you.

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I’ve told my pdoc and therapist everything I could, I just said it in a non incriminating way. They have heard everything. It is good to let things go that way. If they put me in the hospital I will probably be out that day. Here in the USA institutions are mostly all closed and they don’t want me back in the ones open.


I have a weird sense of feeling meeting pdocs and telling about stuff nowadays. I am visiting to take medicines that’s it. Rest I will take care as I did some things out of illness which I am still not able to make peace with.

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Tell them everything, that way they can help you.

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i’m having the same problem. i meet with two people a week and i don’t want to divulge much about how i sometimes am struggling. I spent a year in hospital and i don’t want to go back. i don’t trust this system at all.

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You probably won’t get hospitalised unless you say you are planning on hurting someone or harming yourself. If you have delusions but are otherwise functioning okay I don’t see why they would hospitalise you.

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Yeah she didn’t hospitalize me

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