How Many Times have you relapsed

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I have relapsed a lot. Mainly due to not taking my meds and thinking I will be fine without them.

Side effects have been the main issue, but Amisulpride seems to work well and I have not grown boobies yet!

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I had the first episode and then a relapse about two and a half years later. Changing meds soon maby so hopefully will agree with me.

How long have you been diagnosed for?

I had psychosis when I was 17 back in 2004, then I was medicated for a few years and lost contact with MH services and stopped the tablets. I relapsed again in 2012 with University stress and was diagnosed with Paranoid sz in 2013.

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So long periods before relapses, trying to figure out whether its a good bet to bet on me not having a relapse for the next five years because thats how long it will take to pay the mortgage and after that a relapse will be stress free as my employer has disability cover that will pay 75% of my salary each month when Im unable to work for the rest of my life plus continue contributing to my pension. I could live on that for a long time and would probably get better and take a lower paying job, but that would only be an option if the mortgage is paid

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Sounds like a plan. I have never heard of support like that before from work. If I stopped working I would be homeless.

I have 34 years left on my mortgage. I had to take it out over so long to afford it as I live alone.

Its Amazon, they have Amazing benefits here, funeral cover, medical, gap cover, pension match the works, so with my condition I wont leave even if there are better paying positions at other companies(which there aren’t)

The assessments for the disibility cover are stringent, so they will know when your ready and able to work again and cut the benefit

Me and Girlfriend took the loan, but she works freelance now and earns less than before we took it out, fortunately I slashed the repayments by about a quarter with extra payments. About %25 of my salary goes towards extra payments. Which is how I got it right to renegoagiate the interest down after a year because now less risk for the bank

Im screwed if I die though as couldnt get affordable life cover with schizophrenia

That’s clever. I think mine charges an extra 10% on any overpayments.

I re-mortgaged a year ago for a 5 year fixed term because the interest rates were so low and I wanted to secure my payments for a long period of time.

It still costs me less to pay a mortgage than it does to rent a flat where I live.

In the South East of England it’s very expensive. For the price of my 1 bed flat where I live, if I moved up north somewhere I could get a decent sized house.

I have relapsed 5 times.I have always been meds resistance.Now I need to realised I cannot do without meds,I need to pray

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Theres no penalty for paying early on a property in South Africa, interest rates are relatively high compared to developed countries. The prime lending rate is 10%, but with good ratings banks often offer less than prime, mine is prime minus 0.45% after the renogagiation but plan on renegogiating again after I put in another 50k over the year. Yea mortgage is cheaper than renting, for the price I am paying could only rent a room. As it stands I get a 66sqm 1.5 bedroom for that price

So you mean you initially didnt want to take your meds and that caused the relapse? Have you ever relapsed on meds?

I have voices and thinking problem while on meds.Once I got off medication,tbh things went downhill.I mean,it’s not as good as I am on meds if compare.If I am on meds I will be sleeping better,if I am not on meds I was using cigarette until 4 in the morning,which is much worst ryte?

Yea people smoke more when they are off meds and relapse more and the relapses are more severe. Are you on meds now?

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Average is 5 so three more to go before I hit the norm, only been diagnosed for about 3 and a half years so wondering whats the frequency of relapse

Its moved down to four now

Yea,I am on them now