How Many Times have you relapsed

I got out of the hospital after my initial break in 1982. I was put on medication in the hospital and took it faithfully once I got out. I became stable but in 1989 I relapsed and had several short hospitalizations; none lasting more than a few days.

I went from 1990 to 2015 without a hospitalization but when my mom died in 2015 I became suicidal and ended up in the psyche ward. I guess it’s a relapse, I was in for two days and got released to a board & care home but my symptoms are at a minimum though they contribute to my problems with neighbors. But I feel OK mentally most of the time and I go to work and take care of business.

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I would say you had a good run, hoping to go a decade without a relapse would love that and could sort a lot of things out to make relapsing again less stressfull for one a passive income because I worry alot about finances when I relapse

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I relapsed three times in a year’s time. The first time was due to a change in meds leading to errors by both me and the doctors as I went off of Latuda and ended up taking less than the recommended dose of the Seroquel they replaced it with. The voices came back leading to a relapse and a Psych Ward visit where they put me back on the Latuda. The Latuda ultimately failed leading to another Psych Ward visit about a week later and a relapse. Then I was put back on Invega and became discontent with the medical system and took some supplements I bought online. When they failed I ended up in the Ward again a few months later. Drying out from the supplements and a delay in the AP’s to the ward led to another more serious relapse. I never completely recovered.

Im planning a med change soon hope I dont relapse

I lost track of how many times I relapsed and do you count manic and depressive episodes or just psychotic episodes?

I Don’t “relapse”…,

I Have Serious Arguments And Conversations With The Government… . …

I would say psychotic episodes

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There’s no option for zero.

Mind you I have come close on several occasions.

My heart goes out to all of you that have to deal with psychosis on a reoccurring basis.

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