How many sleepless nights before calling pdoc?

How many nights should I wate before I call pdoc? In 3:rd night with very lirttle sleep tadat. It’s 12 AM here. Took my swetoquel. Melatonin and Zopiclines at 21.30.

I’d call as soon as they open for business in the morning. 1 or even 2 days is ok, but not 3.


You will feel a lot better dealing with ASAP and sleep does help with stability . You can also see your family doctor for temporary aid here. I often use to get the odd sleeping pill through my GP but for long term sleeping problems the specialist pdoc is best.

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For me sleeplessness usually indicates the coming of a relapse. So if I had sleepless nights three in row, I would increase the dose of antipsychotocs right away. Antipsychotics helps my sleep.


I can’t give you medical advice, since I’m not a medical expert or professional. I can say, though, that a while back, I spent a few hours at night being kept up by my own paranoid thoughts. I don’t even believe that they kept me up all night. Just a few hours of the night. After that happened, I called my psychiatrist and asked her to increase (or adjust) my dose of antipsychotics. That pattern worked for me on multiple occasions, and I think that I’m learning to catch it earlier and earlier. The paranoia went away, and I could sleep well.

In fact, I just spent an hour or two laying in bed, occasionally thinking paranoid thoughts. I doubled my dose of antipsychotics to 2 mg of Haldol daily, with the permission and subscription of my psychiatrist. She allows me to call her after hours in an emergency, but I’m very medication compliant; so, I haven’t had many emergencies.

I am not saying that any of this can be generalized to your own experience. I’m just sharing some of my experience, and you can decide whether to use that information in some way.

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Are you drinking coffee? Does that make a big difference to you? It sounds to me like you’ve got yourself a little too hyped up on adrenaline. Of course, if you’re sz, that plays a big role in your adrenaline cycles.

I say don’t wait. Just call the pdoc as soon as you can. You are relapsing and there is something they can do for you before it gets too bad, I’m sure.


Call your doctor right away. Your brain needs down time and it’s not getting it.

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Usually going into day three is a bad sign for me. That is when I start to get a little “unusual” even by my families standards.

I hope you call your doc and can get some relief soon.

Drink one cup of coffee in the morning. At 6 AM. That’s it. I feel a bit speeded in my head. Over tired, like a child, speed up when too tired.

I’ll call pdoc tomorrow morning. Or if I don’t sleep tonigt I’ll call the mobile team that can do house visits. Maybe they can put me to sleep.


I was once three days awake and my mind got so mess up that I went immediately to the psych unit to see a doc who prescribed me some other meds. Sleeping is very important, recently in my apartment building some people spoke loudly at night which kept me awake and the next day was quite bad.

I do sleep a little. I sleep 1-2 hours at a time then I wake up and walk in my sleep or something. I woke up fully dressed yesterday morning. Today all my contacts were deleted in my phone book. Don’t know if I’ve done that or if they just vanished by them selves.

I have also tried to make a topic in some strange language but never pressed send. I found the message in the morning and couldn’t understand a thing.

Did you call your pdoc?

Please tell me you called your pdoc and that you are getting some sleep. That is, when you wake up. :smile:

I called her office and left a note. I slept for 2 hours tonight. That’s better than nothing. I hope she calls me today. As soon as possible. It’s 12.45 here. Lunch time.

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I’ve also deleted all calendars in my phone. I don’t know why and now I can’t get them back in. I have an iphone and for some reason my phone won’t connect to icloud. I need a sleeping lock on my phone.

I’ve been up since 3AM. I called the psych team and he told me to drink hot milk and eat a sandwich. I did. I did not fall asleep.

I really hope my pdoc calls me today. I will not go to work tomorrow if I don’t sleep.