How many psychosis episodes did you have last year?

I had 3


None… symptoms gone


I’m not usually like this I swear, but last year I had four hospitalizations. Three episodes.

the entire past 3 yrs have been throw away yrs.

i call them throw away because they were counter productive and ill never get them back

only 1 and it lasted the whole year
that’s my secret - I’m always psychotic

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I had a minor one, but it didn’t last very long and I kicked its ass.

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The was a little bit of time this year when I was hearing the voices again and start to try to act out against the people who were persecuting me. The solution was to up my dose from 2mg back to 4mg. Solves all your problems.

I had my first ever episode in June 2015. I then had an episode Feb 2016 and one March 2016. That’s the only 3 I have ever had. So, if you’re asking 2015, then 1. If you’re asking in 12 months, then 3. Hopefully I am done for awhile. Maybe even done for good. I had major depression before my first psychotic episode but had never been psychotic before.

I haven’t had an episode in 2 years. Hopefully it stays that way.

One big long one. It lasted almost all of last year and carried over to this year. Abated for a couple of months then came back.