How many psychiatrists follow this site?

I think there must be some.

You sir are an optimist! Let’s hope so.

No,I’m sceptical.I think they are watching but don’t want to interfere.

probably not many, my psychiatrist wouldn’t even read the honey and cancer study by the national institutes of health last year.

Yes but here is nice place for researchers who can find some valuable things.

they got trained for what a dozen years? why would they want to ? they spent over a quarter million on school alone. they work longer hours than truck drivers who work more than bus drivers, they don’t have time ok it’s not even that safe to ride a bus. you ever owed thousands of dollars? it sucks, that’s all someone in debt thinks of everytime money is being spent on anything.

nothing to add.<<you are right

bus drivers, 60 hours in a week is legal, truck driver 70 and doctor 80

i wonder why they work so much?

I always thought that a psychology student might follow a member over time seeing what topics they posted on and keep track of symptoms and medicines. I think it would make a nice paper for class. Problem is the community here is so transient, not many of stick around and it would be impossible for the student to predict. But I guess the student could pick 20 of us to watch. But omg that would take up a lot of time for just a paper. I don’t know…maybe no one is watching at all. I guess we’re on our own.

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for a thesis or something? yeah one case study isn’t that much unless it’s truly groundbreaking. you can’t learn from just one individual, i had to watch other schizophrenics comments to pick medications though. to see if thorazine or haldol is better. the haldol person seemed way more in touch with truth.

We don’t allow researchers to try and find study subjects on our site unless they meet certain criteria. And then, we clearly mark them as such. We shut down pretty much all researchers who come on here without asking permission first. It’s all in the rules.

We can’t stop people from viewing topics, since this is a public site, but we try to keep this community safe from any who want to study you. So far, most of those people have been undergrads who didn’t know any better. Most doctors and graduate students are smarter than to intrude in a support group.


So there are researchers?

You’ve seen those posts. We mark them as “Study opportunity for you” and such. Nobody sticks around to read our posts. They just want to ask for help with their homework. I found two studies through this site that helped me a lot. We try to balance providing resources with avoiding unwanted spam.


@anon70049667. Any research projects must first be vetted and approved by the forum administrator prior to posting. Here’s the relevant excerpt from the forum guidelines.


I wonder if there are many psychiatrists that are passionate enough about what they do to spend time researching in their off time. I figured clinical analysis of real patients in person is the only experience that is qualifying.

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