How many people here have had a manic episode

And was it good or bad. Mine was great!!!

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I had times when I really felt AMPED UP, but this was when I was coming off benzos. It felt good, but my decision making went out the window. I’m back to normal now, and much prefer it.

I had it…it felt good back then but not from today’s perspective.

I did. I was actually unaware that’s what it was at the time, I thought I was better. it lasted for about a month. I felt amazing and like I could help anyone through anything, because I had gone through hell to get there. and after it went away I felt very depressed and worthless because I failed myself after feeling so happy and on top of the world

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I don’t know if it was a manic episode, but I’ve been pretty amp’ed up before. It felt good, but I always mess up when I am in that state. I can’t sustain it.

ive had great ones, and one really bad one.

I have had plenty. Coming down from a short period of mania right now actually. Usually i Feel invincible, start to or plan on tackling 100 different projects, most never get finished. No need for sleep. Pressure of speech, extremely sociable. Higher creativity. Increased sexual prowess. The “fun” me. But my Lowered inhibitions generally lead to substance abuse during my manic episodes, all leading to poor overall decision making, which adds to stress and usually episodes of psychosis on the come down from mania. The after effects of my manic episodes usually are a downer, but during them i usually have one hell of a good time!!!


Good while they last but feel so guilty after that’s it’s so not worth it

Plenty of times, many were med induced

mania can run different routes - from a high like trance that makes you hyped in spending, sex, and just about everything; but it also can go bad with high rage, violence where you don’t even know why or what you are doing.

I unfortunately have had both - the high aroused mania, but also intense rage. Neither for me are any good - put myself in debt, had sex with too many, put family members in hospital for violent rages for no reason where little things would set me off. not good at all.

I’ve only had one full blown episode where I kind of hit on this big guy’s girlfriend in grade 12. If it had been a single girl who was interested, it still would have been a bad idea given the state of mind I was in.

I’ve not been manic.

Most times manic is fun break from flat…but hyper manic sucks…up down up down…I sleep good when I’m manic unless its too much then I make millions of plans with no hope of even starting most of them…if ive been manic too long it affects my ability to make decisions…

Manias awesome till it’s not awesome anymore. What goes up must come down for one. I think Bipolar depression is the worse depression of them all. I’m SZA but seeing people with dx bipolar, people dx with Depression, People with sza and sz. The bipolar seems to be the worse depression. Have lost a few friends to suicide dx with bp as well.

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I’ve had it. It felt good, but it wasn’t good at all.

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For about two/three days once - not enough to diagnose me with a mood component says the pdoc - at a music festival of all places. I’m pretty sure there were people doing some drugs around there, I am also sure non got as high as I did on the sz. But yeah the crash was painful. Fortunately I only crashed when the festival was over and I was just with a couple of good friends - not among the crowd.

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