How many people here experience sexual side effects from medication?q

  • I experience mild sexual side effects from medication

  • I experience severe sexual side effects from medication

  • i experience intermediate sexual side effects from medication

  • I don’t experience sexual side effects from medication

  • i have experienced sexual side effects from medication in the past but no longer

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I’m just curious how much people are on the same boat as me

Seroquel (very tiny dose) reduces my sex drive. I wasn’t even aware of it until I went off and it went back to its raging full force again. Honestly I find it a great relief and usually enjoy when meds lower my libido because I find it overwhelming and downright annoying normally. At 100 mg I noticed it made it take somewhat longer to orgasm, which isn’t a good sign if I wanted to keep increasing doses as I imagine it would just keep getting worse.

For me not being able to orgasm is a legitimate reason to quit a medication. Especially if it doesn’t reduce libido, which I have been in that situation before. My sex drive is torturous without being able to. Even when my sex drive is reduced, it’s still just important to me to be able to have that.

Other meds that gave me probs
-Effexor: at lowest dose made it impossible to orgasm, no effect on libido
-Risperidone: made it extremely difficult to orgasm & greatly reduced satisfaction of them, no reduction in libido
-Abilify: greatly reduced libido but I don’t think affected orgasm
-Geodon: Made it take longer to orgasm, don’t think affected libido

None of my other meds I tried had sexual side effects I don’t think, or they were incredibly minor like I wasn’t able to get off in 5 minutes anymore which sometimes is a plus lol. Instead it was like 15 or 30 mins which isn’t a big deal and sometimes even off meds that’s the case. Oh also, Wellbutrin weirdly seemed to counteract sexual side effects. Like if I raised my dose on my med that gave them to me and they got worse, then raised Wellbutrin they’d be fine again. Also Wellbutrin seemed to increase satisfaction from orgasm. Pretty interesting.

Anyways sorry if that’s tmi but I think sexual side effects are important to discuss.

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It’s not tmi, don’t worry. The thread is just for that. You seem to have had a frustrating experience with medications, I know that I have. I have had sexual side effects from each of my meds I have tried so far. Which has been invega sustena, seroquel, and abilify. My pdoc is gonna try and lower my dosage of abilify though, and potentially get off trazedone. That’s cool you had sexual side effects reversed with wellbutrin, maybe I’ll try that. I hope things are fine with whatever you are taking right now.

Gah I just realized I accidentally typed an extra “q” on the title

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I’m on risperidone and it’s just the worst for stirring up sexual side effects like ED and low libido.

Ive been on a bunch of different APs and hands down, risperidone is the worst and Abilify was the best as far as experiencing sexual side effects.

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Yea wen I first got put on abilify I was hypersexual

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@Wave. That definitely sucks to hear. The things we have to go through for mental stability. It is generally rare from what I hear for abilify to cause sexual side effects, I’m thinking I am ether unlucky or it is mainly the trazedone causing my dysfunction

@anon90843118 I hope things workout for me something like that when I get off trazedone and/or lower abilify dose. It would be better than having the sexual dysfunction I currently experience


I chose mild. I’m not impotent and can’t complain

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Zyprexa makes me last longer. I don’t think as a male that is a bad thing!

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@rogueone @anon51414962 you guys are quite lucky . Definitely something to be grateful for as negative sexual side effects are a common side effect


yeah true @anon5927173 and it’s a deal breaker for most. Have a chat to your doctor and try another med. I’ve changed meds for sexual side effects before. It’s not been a straight road to function for me.

It’s an important part of peoples lives and it’s totally worth exploring your options. A different med may affect you less!

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Thanks for the optimism @rogueone :slight_smile: I’ll see what I can do

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Hope things get better. There’s def a chance

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The only sexual side-effect I have is that I can’t get any woman to have sex with me.


I have zero sexual feelings and urges on my AP medications. It is so easy to be vowed to celibacy for religious reasons when I am like this. I consider it a gift from Gd.


I’m on the Invega Sustenna 156mg monthly injection. When I was taking the 234mg dosage I was pretty much impotent and had no sexual drive. On this dosage I still don’t have much of a drive but I’m able to produce watery sperm. The volume isn’t as much but it’s still something. I can still maintain erections and have orgasms normally.


I would like to be free from libido too, I don’t care about sex but I need to masturbate sometimes or it becomes an obsession.


I take so much seroquel that it treats erectile dysfunction. I have damage to my genitals from all the psychotropics I’ve ever taken. I have the same injury as most porn stars. Seroquel in a high dose treats it immediately, in fact it feels like being incredibly stoned.


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