How many of you are terribly quiet around others?

Yeah who cares I always use the same excuse; I got voices tell that to urself stopping u worry about it if people know about your illness then it’s ok to be quiet, not saying it isn’t ok to be quiet …

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I am generally quiet around people though less so around family and other people with mental illness.

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I try to speak as little as possible, which gets me in trouble with my wife :unamused:


I’m quiet in groups, but it depends how well I know them, too. But then even when I’m comfortable around a group I still don’t say much without being asked.

I’m incredibly awkward…so yeah it doesn’t go well.

I find I cant think of anything to say so let the other person do the talking, which is fine if they are a chatty person but awkward if they don’t say much either. The more people there is the more difficult I find it.

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@scoobasteve personally, I don’t think being quiet is a bad thing. in fact, when I’m quiet, I find things quite cool. yet again, I’m not around people much.

I wanted to be a math teacher, but when I realized that I would have to be communicating with students, I got off that bandwagon.

maybe there’s a workshop or training that can help develop social skills.

that’s somewhat true. but then sometimes people just make fun of the mental illness.

damned if you tell the truth, damned if you don’t. :disappointed_relieved:

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Its hard for me to be warm & friendly cos I always control what I say. I don’t know how to talk around people.

using the context clues, it seems that neurotic is a characteristic that I probably wouldn’t want to have… :frowning:

I have a blank mind and i have no emotion when i speak, i acutally dont like talking

I can relate to all of u on this, my brain goes blank when I’m around people as well I can joke around but small talk sometimes is hard for me

I’m very quiet. I can’t think of anything to say.

i suffer from social anxiety…I knpw how you feel…im ok with one person to talk to but groups unnerve me

I used to be introverted, shy and quiet as a child. I was social though, I did have friends to play with. But I really had to teach myself how to talk with people. With one or two friends I’m okay now, I can chat, joke and be myself. With one or two strangers I’m fine as well. But I hate groups of people… I just get socially anxious and don’t know what to say and especially daren’t make jokes or so. And I too hate it when people find it necessary to comment on me being quiet. But I’m already very happy that I taught myself how to chat with people one-on-one. The older I get, the easier it becomes.

I admire your public speaking though… that’s something I really can’t do!

I go to a drop-in where you sit at tables with other people. It allows me to listen without needing to talk myself. Yet, when the table gets quiet, I make an effort. I see the benefit is trying to make conversation, though perhaps only for the sake of conversation. It took me decades to learn how to interact with people, though I’m still not good at it.