How many meds per year

In addition to psz I have many other illnesses and just in today I counted that I have to take 7665 meds a year, it is quite a lot considering that 16 years ago I had no meds.

  1. 4 meds a day but one is two pills so a bit more. At the moment take psych, a statin for cholesterol and meds for the gout.
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2,555 pills a year geez that’s a lot!

5840… Wow thats a bit…

5110 pills per year…

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1095 pills…

Too much math :confused:

2,016 per year. 6 pills per day. 1 injection a month for sz. The pills are for epilepsy I would be on 0 pills a day of it were not for that.

I take 10 per day so the math is easy. 3650.

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912,5 and i’m not joking

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I take half a pound of Seroquel in a year. :crazy_face:


Except during a leap year it’s 10 more!! :wink:

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2190 pills a year. Boy, that’s a lot of pills now that I think about it :open_mouth:

*2 meds / 1,440 pills per year.

*technically 3, but two are same same compound, under different brand-names.

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