I take 7300 med pills a year

Then I take 2200 vitamin etc. pills a year, so in one year I take 9500 pills. This does not include any pain killers and any other med pills such as antibiotics I may need to take sometimes. So 10000 pills a year is a good estimation.

That’s over 20 a day! You must rattle as you walk. How many of those are psychiatric meds ?

Nine psychiatric meds a day. I have many illnesses and so I need to take many meds. This is the world nowadays.

I would be pissing out blood and trying to jerk it off in public if I took over 20 pills a day. Hell look at what six pills a day makes me do, go look in the creativity and look at me lift 500lbs six times.

Sort of joking, my meds are meant to keep me tranquil. I take preworkout supplements (strong ass stimulant drinks) before training.

I count my eye drops to this quantity of meds, twice a day. I have glaucoma and without these eye pressure controlling meds, my eyesight becomes worse and eventually blinds me. I really do not want to lose my eyesight.

Oh ok. That makes more sense.

I use to take 1pill a day, now i reduced the doze and i am taking 4 of the same med a day.

I take 14 psych pills a day and 10 medical ones.I can just toss a handful down and swallow them with a gulp or two of water.

THe math on that Mindwhisper seems counter intuitive! How is it that you lower the dose and take more pills? I meant I guess one could have been taking one 5 MG pill of something and now take four 1 MG pills of the same medication?


“Hope I die before I get old.” That is, for the elderly, a lot discover newfound difficulty in swallowing pills. I guess with many 80 year olds, one trick is to give them a pill in a spoonful of applesauce.

I take a lot of pills these last many years. One thing that improved for me as I went along is that I got a lot better at swallowing pills. May it stay that way!


I use to take one 2mg risperdone. Now i take 1mg and 3(0.25mg risperdone. Thats total of 1.75mg. Risperdone doesn’t have that doze in one pill. I could of take 1mg. .50mg. And 0.25mg. But i rather take the same pill because every manufacture have different add ons to hold the pill together.


Thank you so much for a quick and cogent reply! But you do understand why your first entry might seem odd to some?


I’m confused by this statement - can you help me understand it. You had one pill a day, and now you’re on 4 pills a day - of the same medication. Did you somehow lower the dose when you’re taking more pills?

Ah - just saw your additional explanation - skip my comment.

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Is the manufacturer of the 1 mg. and the .25 mg the same, with a different manufacturer for the .50 mg?

i take 2 meds a day, i take one in the morning and one at around 6pm and they are 100mg each,

my med has not been approved in some countries notably America

so about 700 meds per year or 14000mgs (i think)

sometimes i take an extra dose or forget a dose tho so it may vary

14 pills a day, that is insane. You are probably taking 2 pills to counteract the symptoms of each pill that doesn’t work.

I take a lot of pills but not a whole bunch of different meds - around 8 different meds - psychiatric and non psychiatric and probably more than 16 pills a day - didnt count them

I take six a day of one + 4 a day of another psych med. 2 a day of another -

Each 1 and 0.25mg are from different manufacture. If i add 0.50mg it will be different manufacture as well. So instead of taking from 3 different manufacturer i take from 2 manufacturer… I am trying to convince my pdoc to give me all 0.25mg and that will be 7 pills, in that way i will have less side effect, but he says he cant do it.

Or - you could cut the pills. Take one 1 mg, take another 1 mg pill and cut it in two. Then cut 1 half in two + take the 1/2 + one of the 1/4’s. I’ve done that. That way you would be taking only 3 pieces of Risperdal and they would be from the same manufacturer.