How many meal do you eat in one day?

  • 1 meal
  • 2 meal
  • 3 meal
  • 3+ meal

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I know I should eat more but it’s difficult.

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I barely eat 1 meal but when I see how fat some other patients I meet at the clinic where I go are I dont care.

My goal is to eat three meals but I usually skip breakfast, so two meals on most days.

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Likewise. I try to eat three meals a day, because my doctor wants me to take a multivitamin, magnesium, and calcium supplements. I have to force myself to eat breakfast and lunch, but in the evening I go nuts eating. I’ve been losing weight, but the last month I just have maintaining my weight. My BMI is 34. My doctor told me he would take me off the diabetes medication if I lost some more weight. Also I need to lose weight because of my arthritis.

i am addicted to food
+3 :joy::joy::joy:


I eat snacks throughout the day and night, but i already lost 5 kg.

I eat 3 and then 350 Cal’s at night for the 'tuda


I eat whenever I am hungry and that’s more than 3x/day.

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Me too lol! I graze all day :laughing: coffee and biscuits, breakfast, coffee and bread and chips, lunch, coffee and bread/biscuits/chips, supper, late night snack … and so it goes on. Thank God I have a fast metabolism lol!


One or two meals, but I also have some snacks sand lots of coffee with a bit of milk.

i eat three meals a day, i like food always did. But im trying lose weight so i eat little less.

@ZombieMombie There’s no way you just eat one meal, are you kidding me? I’d be gnawing my arm off if I tried to do that! You too @roxanna? Are you guys for real? Certainly you must snack.

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One thing I’ll never give up is speghetti. If that’s my only meal I’m fine with it. Then I’ll crave fruits.


I keep forgetting to buy snacks. But yeah I’m going to make changes.

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I could probably live on one meal a day. I have to force myself to eat something during the day. At night I go wild eating though.

Oh, it depends. Part of it is training to not be hungry. We get $300 in food stamps for a family of 7, so hubby and I go without a lot to make sure there’s enough for the kids. You get used to skipping meals.

But we got abump dur to Covid and I snack more, so gained weight

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Yeah, food stamps are great for the first half of the month.

I’ve gained 10 pounds from Covid lifestyle :sob:

What time of day do you eat your main meal? Dinner I’m assuming.

Yes. Unless I eat breakfast. Then I feel full and skip the rest of the day.

I eat so many times a day, but all grazing. I keep lots of single serving fruits, veggies, and other snacks on hand because otherwise I will get so caught up on the mechanics of preparing food that I don’t eat all day. I have dinner as a real meal, so I can take my meds.