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Currently i have 4 dogs 1 cat and a young tortoise. My wife has just given the go-ahead on me to get a puppy to breed with my mastiff, who is my baby and just turned 8 last month. I want a puppy from him so i can always have a piece of him and time is running out since he is getting old. My miniature greyhound is 14 and i dont see her lasting too many years longer. So by the end of all this i will have a puppy that will mate with my mastiff to give me another puppy, the rest sold to good homes. Is this too much? Am i putting too much on my plate? I am an excellent trainer and both puppies will be large breed dogs along with my mastiff, who will be old when all said and done. Am i going overboard? Looking at probably a cane corso or African boerboel for the puppy.

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Only you and your wife can answer this, really, but I will try to help… How is it working for you now? Do you have the surplus time and energy to take care of the new puppies? Are you sure you can find a home for all the puppies you aren’t going to keep? Can you afford to pay all of the expenses that will come with the litter? Hope you find a solution and get to breed your dog. :slight_smile:

Man I really want a dogue de Bordeaux (French mastiff)


i couldnt handle a dog full time,

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Because it’s a Lounge topic.

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@Reggie it sounds like you and your wife are taking your time with this decision, discussing it, and figuring out what works best for you. That’s the right thing to do. Good luck! :relaxed:

It’s her new exercise program.


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Wow, me asking why they are always so serious is offensive? Funny other people “liked” my comment & knew I meant no ill will. My goodness

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@moonbeam I promise to never comment on your post agsin, since me asking you about always being so serious is considered “offensive”. Dry humor people…ever heard of it, as a form of humor? I thought people get that concept & felt it was quite evident that there was no contrived meaning or negativity intended. My pure intent was to make some folks chuckle at the absurdity of my post. My sincerest apologies if I made @moonbeam feel I was purposely being offensive. And that was not sarcasm, I am truly sorry if you thought I was being mean or negative.

I have no idea what your goin on about so I’ll leave it @ that. (pun intended) :grin:

Just a suggestion, you may want to let off on the gas a little on your copious use of @ notifications. :smile:

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Yea. Ignoring comments from people trying to incite an argument. I gave a sincere apology if there was any offense taken & that’s the response I get. Such is life!

@Alone, I’m assuming that you don’t intend to come off as belligerent, but your comments here read to me as unnecessarily confrontational and argumentative. If you genuinely don’t mean to incite an argument, perhaps you could reconsider your approach. Inflection is generally lost over the internet.


I have no idea what you’re even referring to. I was at work today and came back on the forum with a bunch of @ notifications from you. I’m not sure what’s going on with you, but it has nothing to do with me. In any case, I hope you feel better soon and get over whatever your issue is. :relaxed: