How many here are premature?

I read somewhere that there is a connection between premature birth and severe mental illnesses. I was born around 2 months premature with little estimation of survival. I made it but not without some physical costs and possibly mental.

My sz hit me early on and developed ever since. It was not triggered by anything but puberty.

Anyone else here a premature baby? Is there a correlation?

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I was actually a huge baby and was too fat to be born on time, I wouldn’t fit through the canal and days after I was supposed to be born, they finally did an emergency C-section. In my baby photos I look like an obese angry gremlin.


i was born a month early, i weighed very little because my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me. she also did drugs and drank alcohol.

about one month premature a little over 4 lbs weight.
Sickly child.

I’ve read about that too. I was also two months premature. My mom was hemorrhaging and had an emergency cesarean. They cut vertically and horizontally across her abdomen. I was in children’s hospital for over a month and had seven blood transfusions. 49 years ago, if you survived, you were good! There was always something amiss about me, but nobody noticed. I had my first hallucinations at 4. And, like you, it was puberty that brought the demons…

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I was expected just after Christmas. Showed up at the beginning of November. This was kind of a big deal back in 1968.

I was 2 days from the due date…

all my younger siblings by my mom were at least 4 weeks early…the worst being my middle brother (the one who likes to date more than two girls at a time) he was 6 weeks early…but he also weighed like 8.5 pounds…I was the smallest at 6lb 11oz…but I was alsot he only one to give my mom kidney stones, and my labor lasted 36 hours…the closest to that was my first brother, (second born) who was a 12 hour labor…

So maybe a connection between long labor and mental illness?

I was born 34 weeks premature. Being born premature is my own theory of how I developed psychosis and the other conditions I have (that were diagnosed at an early age, of course) since I currently have no known family members that have psychotic disorders. Due to me going through psychosis at a very young age, I also believe that having been born prematurely is the cause of my psychosis, as well as the other conditions that I was diagnosed with in the early years of my life.

Also, a little side note: my GFR (kidney filtration) number is that of a 65 year old. Meaning, my kidneys didn’t fully develop because of being premature. FYI :blush:

Premature life :stuck_out_tongue: I have the ligaments of a 65 year old and had to get them replaced in my legs. I find that after puberty, my ability to cognitively function shot way up(i could learn way faster than before) but I got hounded with hallucinations.

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I was post-mature, apparently, with no intention of ever coming out. I was induced a week after my due date, but when I came out, I was still covered head to foot with hair; apparently this is supposed to fall out before a baby is ready to be born.

I did have some trauma, though - legs were deformed so I was kept in casts for six months to correct it; mom had to be hospitalized when I was a few weeks old so I was suddenly weaned, sent to live with my grandparents, and put on formula that I was violently allergic to. I was a sad baby, by all accounts.

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A hug for baby Rhubot!

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34 weeks ?! So you were born after about 5 weeks in your mother’s womb or did you mean 3- 4 weeks?

I was born 4 weeks premature and had 2 blood transfusions. I first heard a voice in my head commanding me to do something very odd when i was 22 years old, about 7 months later i started hearing more commands.

Going by parent’s marriage date a few days early but not what you would call premature. Was a healthy weight, about 8 lb 4oz as far as I can remember being told.

I think she means that she was born at 34 weeks.

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That would make more sense @Sharp, but based on the wording and the fact some people can believe some weird stuff it was hard to tell.

I was born on time, normal baby. No issues, no pain during delivery, my mom craved cookies. That’s all I know.

Yeah I’m pretty immature. TURTLES! :smile:

Waaaiit a minute. Oh were talking about babies here! I was a normal bebe :slight_smile:

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Sorry for the confusion! I was tired when I wrote that post, so I messed up some things in it and didn’t see the mistakes. :laughing: Like Sharp said, I meant to say that I was born at 34 weeks. I also meant to say that because of me having been born prematurely, I believe that could be a factor for why I’ve lived pretty much my entire life with psychosis, as well as other conditions (both mental and physical) that I was diagnosed with at a young age.