Survival Instincts

some babies are born with problems and they fight all they can to make it in this world,

wish i had some of that fight because you know there are no mentally ill babies in this world.

You may want to re-check your facts.



I wonder about this. My mom became ill and had to have surgery very shortly after I was born, and I went to live with my grandma for several weeks while she was hospitalized. She said that when she got me back, I had become sad, and that it was not long after that she realized that something was “off” about me.

i know what you mean pixel, i wasn’t talking about brain damage specifically,

i dont see brain damage as a mental illness

if damage to the brain is genetic or due to a substance use or mis-use by the mother then i dont think thats where i was going with this,

i am maybe one of the few who believe that mental illness is acquired and learned,
i believe that at that stage of development a normal baby would be in survival mode
(normal baby meaning without damage or substances)

as you know and most others here that we may have a predisposition to this illness but it does not usually present until much later in development like Adolescence for instance and Adulthood.

when we are born we need things like milk and comforting from our mother,

i think it might be all freudian thinking most of it, how the brain develops with the Id being in control at the early stages when our Ego and SuperEgo has not yet developed, everything we do in this time is stored in the unconscious mind, all of our Animal instincts, facial expressions, what to laugh at and cry to, things like that

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