How many departments are there in life?

I need to improve in some

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I’m in a dedicated fruit cake department. Trying to get over to produce though.

my sell by date is out since 1999

I might make a surprize come back though

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Off the top of my head, there’s family and relationships, business and career, health and fitness, enjoyment, money/investments…

I’m trying to improve in the lingerie department. Need to avoid the edible section. Trying to lose weight and get back to regular turkey-size from current Butterball size.


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Lol this is funny.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean but to my understanding there are four cardinal virtues from which the others spring that you can improve in


Kind of like the 4 elements


This is in the realm of self improvement which I’m talking about but if you want your outward life to improve we have to improve our inward man first

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