Coffee. How much do you drink per day?

I drink on average 9 cups of coffee a day. How much is too much? How much do you drink a day? And why do I drink so much coffee just to feel normal?

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I drink around a cup a day sometimes two.

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I think it is too much with 9 cups of coffee a day. Some advise 3~5 cups per day, but some insist 1 cup per day only.

I used to drink 2 pots before i got dressed in the morning. Been cutting it down slowly. If i have something to do i will grab 24oz cup in the morning, then usually another late morning. But if its there i will drink coffee all day. Cant get enough most of the time. Nothing better then a nice coffee and cigarette on the porch on a brisk morning. If i were to quit smoking i would probably have to quit coffee too. They go hand in hand with me, and one makes me want the other a lot of the time. I take it with lots of cream and lots of sugar, piping hot. Man i need to go to bed now i want a damn coffee!!!

i drink around roughly the same amount… 8 cups… but only half a teaspoon per cup.

I’m afraid to work it out. I try to cut out coffee after 4pm which is all good sleep hygiene. Otherwise I’m still bouncing off the walls at 10pm.

4 cups. I have to fight the urge to drink more. I inhale two cups for breakfast. The coffee pot is my best friend.

4 or 5 small cups a day.

I have been going to the convenience store twice a day and I usually will buy 2 large cups of coffee a day, once in the morning and another large cup in the afternoon some time.

Last night as I was finishing my second large cup of coffee I started to mood cycle.
I became very depressed and started having suicidal thoughts.

I am consuming too much caffeine, so starting today I am only going to drink one large cup of coffee in the mornings.

No more afternoon coffee.

I guess that I know my limit.

I have half a pot of coffee a day.

I don’t drink coffee, except sometimes in a social setting.

Was drinking an 8 cup pot but switched to 4 cup but now back up to 6 cups. With real cream.

I drink one cup a day, two if I’m extremely exhausted or I just want something special like a latte or a cappuccino

At what time do you drink your afternoon/evening cup? I know if I drink after 4pm it really affects my mood and I can’t sleep. I get angry and upset at the littlest things.

I usually drink 2-3 large cups in the AM. Sometimes as much as 4-5. Then once in a while I’ll have a Monster energy drink for lunch. But I tell myself that’s good for you because it has minerals and vitamins in it too.

I drink my second large cup of coffee kind of late, sometimes after 4pm.

No more.

I will only have one cup of coffee in the morning.

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About 3 cups/mugs. One at around 11am-noon, another about 4-5pm and another at about 7-8pm with my meds. Don’t have problems with caffeine as the coffee I buy is mild-medium roast instant coffee, not too strong, although I do love strong coffee! :coffee: :slight_smile:

3 or 4 usually. My dad is constantly making them for both of us :smile:

Two large cold brews from dunkin doughnuts. I know I shouldn’t drink caffeine because it gives me crazy anxiety but now that I’m on lamictal I can tolerate the buzz

One cup in the morning.

I drink about 5 cups or more of coffee and a pot of sneazy a day.