How long does ut take Seroquel to work, and when can I take the next dose?


I took 50mg seroquel an hour ago or so. I feel a little dizzy, and I guess a little bit calmer, but it doesn’t quite have the sedative effect I was looking for.

How long does it usually take for it to peak?
I really want to sleep, and I’m wondering if I should take another dose soon and try to sleep, or if this one is enough.


Don’t mess with seroquel. Just take what you’re prescribed.


When I took Seroquel it seemed to take about an hour to get that sedating effect.


Just after I typed this, I got increasingly more woozy.
I always get a little stoned from Seroquel, it seems.

I’ll try to go to bed soon.


In my experience seroquel is the fastest acting compared to other AP’s especially at a lower dose it’s pretty sedating.

It shouldn’t be longer then an hour or so.


About 2.5 hours at night and 1.5 hours in the morning for me.