How long does it take seroquel to wear off?

I took 25mg the night before yesterday.
I feel a bit tired still, but aldo very calm, like my mind is not racing and my emotions are more balanced


" The Seroquel (quetiapine) half-life is about six hours. This means it stays in your system for about 1.5 days. Age, liver disease, and severe kidney disease can prolong the process of clearing Seroquel from the body."

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Sounds like the seroquel is calming you down. I think the sedative effects will decrease over time.

A strong coffee is only whats needed for me in the morning. 300mg and im usually asleep for 12 hours. Im fresh as a daisy.

When I took it daily, I was constantly sedated.
But yes, it definitely has a calming effect on me. I try to reserve it for emergencies, but over the next few weeks I’m gonna have to take it daily

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I liked how calm I felt on Seroquel, but the uncontrollable weight gain meant I couldn’t stay on it. That drug was awful for me

Take 400mg quetiapine at night. Sedates me big time which is ok as it helps me sleep. Just annoying akathisia though. But in morning it’s gone.

I find symptoms happen mostly at night before my next dose, so it wears off at end of day, but now on increased dose I feel very quiet inside most of the time.

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I was a frantic, manic wreck before Seroquel. Seroquel calms my butt down. It’s very nice. It did the job even Risperdal Consta and Geodon together couldn’t do.

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I’ve taken Seroquel 400 x 2 for over a decade now. I didn’t think it was doing anything for me, until I didn’t get it for five days. Then I was more jittery than I cared to be.

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