How long do your delusions last?

some are very brief; they last minutes but they feel real and my mind during them feels different. if unmedicated I would have them for weeks or months. but now medicated I still have brief delusions. so you how long do your delusions last? if you are even aware of them being delusions…

They may last forever


Depends what you mean by delusions

I have some that last minutes. But I have a larger one that engulfs all the smaller ones and lasts months. I pick back up where I left off last episode.

Some of mine only last a couple of minutes, others last for about a month.

They vary but seem to be getting less lengthy with time and effort. I’m more aware of them now and can recognize them more easily . I used to keep them to myself and let them grow but now I’ve learned ways to cope, such as meds, talking with a therapist or someone I trust, or self examining my thoughts… all 3 can be helpful. But now that i’m more open to discussing them i can seem to resolve them faster. Guess I got tired of paranoia and delusions so I try as many coping skills as possible to resolve it and have a better quality of life.

what do you mean?

I mean what do you mean

I dont understand. we all know what delusions mean.

I mean what is your delusion

paranoid, reference, bizarre ones etc.

Forever if Unmedicated

I had delusions about everything being sexual in some way to bother me. That lasted for about 6 years. Now I’m medicated, so those delusions are gone.

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so delusions are gone forever now?

Idk, only time will tell.

Everyone has different delusions and symptoms

yes different but same types…

The first one many years, the second a year
The third one right now, we’ll live and see

the other day we were driving with my dad in an area with no buildings or houses and I thought he was taking me to a remote place to execute me/kill me. it was a rapid delusion that didn’t last. but it was stupid. I never told my dad cos I would upset him.

I feel like some are ingrained in me forever