Delusions and how long they last


how long did ur delusions last? mine have tended to last about 6 months each time which is a long time to b crazy when ur going through it. looking back i cant believe i fell for them each time because they were so ridiculous. i remember one of them, thinking that everyone in the world could hear my thoughts and were all against me. i even thought that people that i’d never met in my town could all hear my thoughts and wanted to kill me. everything i read in the papers was somehow linked to me. even on 600mgs of seroquel and 100mgs of depixol it persisted for months. i was a petrified zombie lol. i could hear all their voices, friends, family, shop keepers, people walking passed me in the street, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors…absolutely everyone i came into contact with. then when i was in hospital one of the other patients said to me…how likely is this to be true? and the whole thing just burst like a bubble and i was fine after that. thats all it took. just one sentence from a stranger. i still hear voices but i don’t believe i am telepathic anymore. it just doesn’t make sense logically to me…still…i wonder what the next delusion will b and whether it will floor me like the others. will i believe in it or will it just b an irritating train of thought. i think the latter. what about u?


A few of my delusions have lasted my entire life time. I have one that has sunk all the way into my heart, and deep down I still believe it, no matter how much proof there is to the contrary. It is one of two that have taken up my entire life and to this day, I still slip into them.

Other delusions will last a few weeks, some only month or two. Some were aided by hallucinations and others were aided by other symptoms. I’ve had the one where I was convinced I had become telepathic and could hear the thoughts of everyone in the whole town.


yeah the telepathy one is not nice huh. my voices still try and convince me that i’m telepathic but i don’t believe in it anymore. just the logistics of one mind finding another is mind boggling so nah. it’s ■■■■■■■■ so far as i can see. glad ur over that one. xxx


I was thinking I was getting super powers for a while, telepathy and sonic hearing. I am glad to be over that one. Now that I know some of the truly horrid stuff from my voices are from inside my head and not what the neighbors think, I actually feel better.


yeah me too. it’s great knowing that u have ur mind to urself huh. i can finally take a ■■■■, shower, wank, or have sex knowing that nobody is listening. not that i wank or have sex but at least i have the choice now!


I had delusions of grandeur - empathy- talking to the dead - psychic powers - etc… for years. I didn’t know that I was deluded. My old psychiatrist gave me an AP - thy all went away. Some others still remain but they come and go, and because I am on an antipsychotic, I am pretty much aware of them.


i thought i had that too but it turns out my delusions were actually real. not the psychic stuff just the grandeur only it’s not in my favour. :frowning:


The last time i had delusions was over a year ago. First 3 days i was having symptoms of psychosis that i didn’t recognize, on the 4th day full blown delusions, my delusions and telepathy lasted about 5 days but suspiciousness that my neighbor may be recording me at my back yard lasted about 15 days, i even ordered bug detector, by the time the device arrived that suspiciousness was gone. I don’t know how long it will last without taking any meds.


Pretty cool question.

My delusions, like yourself, tend to last for months. Things don’t just leave me immediately.

I used to believe there were real people in America who could read my mind, and that the voices came from them. I believed they were going to have me arrested. I even went to the local police station to report it.


All of them have never fully gone away. Even with high doses of psych drugs