How long did your schizophrenia come on for?

I started feeling very depressed in late 2015 (12-ish?), triggered by the death of a family friend. I became obsessed with the occult in 2015 or 2016 (not 100% sure because my memories have been pretty foggy). I started hearing voices in summer 2016, a bit after my grandfather’s passing. So in all, it progressed over the course of about a year. It may have been even earlier, since I don’t remember much.

Probably earliest was 15 into 16, then I was sectioned when I was 17

My sz started in March or April in 1996 after I drunk some wine. I deunk the wine at a weekend and I got headache for the coming Saturdy and Sunday. but my headache didn’t disappeared and then in following month I got depressed. I also had a break in the 1997 Q1,Q2. During my break, I took some Chinese herbal medicine and my headache still didn’t disappear and the herbalist said He couldn’t cure me. during the following years, I failed some subjects in my college and passed some exams with low marks and relearned the failed subjected… but in the end I graduated. After the graduation, I joined the General Motors in Shenyang, China. After half a year, I was fired because of bad performance. I continued to see doctors and in 2001 I was diagnosed with Sz.

In 1996 I was 20 years old.

I had issues with Depression and anxiety as a teenager. Then around 24 or 25 i had prodromal phase, where I started becoming more paranoid, very sensitive to light and sound. I had terrible mood swings, severe agitation and restlessness. Although I started hearing voices around that time as well so my prodromal stage didn’t last that long.

I’ve had minor symptoms since I was a toddler, and noticeable symptoms since 9. They were triggered by the stress of my parents divorce, but I’m pretty sure I’m just born with a shitty brain.

In kindergarden I usually walked home. One day I didn’t come home for dinner, but nobody my mum called had seen me. Half the village went searching for me. Where was I? Lying in a ditch talking to myself.
I was 6.

I definitely had undiagnosed depression as a kid and didn’t have my emotional or social needs met. This made it harder to express myself. I got into smoking weed and drinking when I was 13, and did it more frequently until I was 16 - and thats when I noticed things going weird.
That said, I remember being 13 or so and my best friend and my girlfriend got together, and I heard their voices in my room. Which was an auditory hallucination way before psychosis.