How long did it take you to find the right med

I’ve switched about every 6 months I like to give it a good solid run to test the pipes.

Some I bet took years to find am I right?


Probably about 4 years for me. The one I’m on is keeping me stable so I’m not going to switch anymore.

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Right around 4 years to find the haldol. But then the haldol decanoate is really my best med, but I wasn’t looking for a couple years before finding it.

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After I got my diagnosis, I got lucky on the first try.
Before that, I’d tried Risperdal and antidepressants.
The doc put me on Abilify, which worked great until it didn’t.
After 4 years, they switched me to Invega, and it works even better.

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3 yrs for me…
I am on rispridal…

About 4 years, like @Berru Saphris worked great until it didn’t anymore. Now on Abilify.

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