How long can you spend time alone

before you finally see someone.


I could be spend time alone forever.


I’m alone all the time, if I won a lottery would probably be a full time hermit


I think I could make it years. Although I suspect I’d make it less than a day.

Probably like a week but I’ll get sad after that

well we live in the age of internet so.

I hate being alone

your name is human after all :slightly_smiling_face:


do you have a family

I enjoy my wife’s company, so I’d keep her around. Everyone else can sod off though.

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Not long. I need relationships in my life

I lived alone for a year during my rough patch right after diagnosis. I was constantly talking to voices in my head. They told me to stop playing video games so I stopped for about 3 months. Didn’t watch TV either, just talked to voices from sun up to sun down. These days I thankfully no longer take commands from my voices.

Long story short I do better with roommates/family living with me. I get someone to talk to and it helps me stay connected to reality. Recently I had the apartment to myself for 3 days and got really depressed by the third day.

I am alone a lot, but when I ride my bicycle I see other people.


I see my neighbors.

They have become strategic in my well being. I hope they don’t flake off when they find out I’ve got the mental health problems.

I’m always alone. Once in a while I see my brother or daughter. I get heckled a lot in public.

I compulsively move away from people, but I do need at least a little human interaction. My sleeping and waking hours are arranged so that I spend a great deal of time alone. It’s nearly 4:00 am, and I haven’t gone to bed yet. I’ll probably sleep through most of the day.

I can spend a large part of my day alone but like a little companionship with my husband. Or when in public being alone around other people and maybe talking to someone or observing others. I like to interact from a distance.

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Forever. 15151515

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about a day. maybe two days.

I would say 2 or 3 days alone is perfect. But I would do nothing. with no interaction forced on me, no direction or requirements I guess. After that I need my husband and kids.

I just spent time with friends and it totally exhausted me. Trying to k3ep up with conversation and think. It’s a lot of forced action to be Like I was back then but not actually how I feel anymore. I just can’t keep up with people energy for long periods of time. It’s just too much although I’ve been told it’s the healthy thing to do, to make that effort now and then.

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