How is your vocal range?

sometimes I feel like I am so freakin’ loud and obnoxious - I wish I was reserved, polite and shy =(
when I talk - I move around, do a lot of gestures - it is like a clown show

When im manic, im boisterious loud and sometimes obnoxious. When im depressive im shy, quiet, and reserved. Generally in constant flux between the two, alot of times rapid cycling, mostly when stressed or worried. Havent had too much “level” time lately so people prob think im crazier then i am because im a different person every time they see me.

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my vocal range:

lol just kidding.

I always feel like I’m too loud and obnoxious. I try to control my voice, but can’t. I also tend to talk too much, really fast, and most people have no idea what I’m saying 90% of the time.

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I feel like im too loud, and im kinda of out there when i get into deep conversation