Are you naturally loud?

Not just your voice, but walking, doing dishes, etc?

Do you worry you’re disturbing everyone?

I do at home, but everywhere else, I’m a bull in a china shop.


Catch me if u can …!!!

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Everyone says that to me lol.


Catch me which med are u on …

The hospital just put me on Geodon.

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Are your symptoms undercontroll …

For the most part. Still paranoid though.

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r u from california …!!!

I am generally quiet and very mindful of noise. I’m also hyper sensitive to noise


I only feel that way if

  • I know someone is sleeping and
  • it is their regular sleep hours

If they make the decision to stay up all night, I feel no obligation to make an effort to be very quiet till late morning. No reason i should have to indulge a self centered person and live my life around someone elses schedule.

I should mention though, i live with someone who must get up early 5 to 6 days per week.

On the day off, I will make an effort to be quiet till late morning so he can sleep in. I have had the same work schedule before and would have liked to be had been given that same consideration.(but the dogs did not undetstand):dog:

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Not unless I’m singing or doing Industrial growling. Most of the time I sound like a soft voiced, nerdy Bill Murray.

not loud here, very laid back and quiet

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I am not loud either. My paranoia outside is to the roof. i even talk quietly outside now. I hope it will change, i dont like that. At my worst, i was also hypersensitive to sounds too, they were tiring me…


I’m naturally very quiet but I’ve worked on it over years.

I’m loud if there is a spider near me

I’m naturally very quiet.

Edit: before diagnosis, thinking about it I was a bit loud :confused:

Quiet here too. Also very sensitive to loud noises.

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I’m naturally loud voiced because I’m very hard of hearing. Everybody tells me that. But when I wear my hearing aids, I talk very quiet. Unfortunately, I rarely wear my hearing aids. Like everyone else who wears them, I hate them.

I’m genuinely very quiet and laid back. I’m made out to be loud and a disturbance. But hey don’t beat a dog and expect it not to bite

my husband just told me that most the time I’m quiet. I’m assuming that doesn’t include the times that I’m singing everything I’m doing as a running commentary to the tune of Christmas songs in the middle of summer in my underwear while cooking and cleaning the kitchen (manic) Also I feel that I’m loud all the time because my thoughts are loud to me, and if you add voices sometimes my head is unbearably loud - but we all have that, don’t we?

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