How is your summer days?

Do you go outside?more often

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I used to go for walks a lot during the summer at night, but my new neighborhood seems very dangerous at night…The only time I ever left my apartment when it was dark I got offered heroin by a drug dealer. So I’ll probably stay in during the night. If I go in one direction it’s not so dangerous, but the other direction, if I walk 1/4 mile i’m at a housing project and get mean looks…I won’t go that way again.

I love my neighborhood and it’s not as bad as it sounds, but it’s still got some sketchy figures.

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I am trying to go outside more often, but my anxiety in public gets pretty bad.

Other than that my summer is going pretty decent so far.


It’s been good. I live in Hawaii and it’s windy but sunny right now. Went to the bookstore two days ago to buy a sketch book and reading book to do more outside and went to a lantern ceremony last week. Mind has been in recovery so I feel semi functional now.

I love the warm weather we have been having, just I work outside and the sun beeming down on me all day is getting to be a little much

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yeah, the sun is very overwhelming here. i find it a bit better to go walking near nighttime

I’m stapled to a greasy flask
Consolation of my summer past
And i keep on hoping it would come along
Cause ive waited foolishly, waited for so long
Maybe if I took a chance, took initiative
I could make a difference and change the way i live

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