How I Stopped Binging As Badly As I Did Before

I have been a binge eater of certain foods all my life. I started with bread and expanded to other things when I started taking AP’s. The way I ended up dealing with it best (and the struggle continues) is to learn which foods I binge on, to either not buy them at the store or buy a small amount (I tried buying multi packs of the small amounts but I just ate all the packs), throwing away what I knew I’d binge on, and limiting the stressors on my life. The idea that you can eat these foods moderately is total bull. It’s either everything or nothing at all when you have that problem. It’s a type of addiction and it’s not easy to deal with but if you value your health you have to. Sometimes I still have setbacks and when I’m in the middle of a binge I really am not enjoying eating soon after it starts and it’s almost impossible to stop. But I am slowly winning the battle and I am afraid of social events when I will eat the wrong foods and have the cravings hit but I go through with them and do the best I can. My weight has gone down some but I am still badly obese and I have learned not to have a target weight loss because I can’t stop at it. It’s a lifetime thing.

sounds a lot like bolemic behavior without the purging? sounds like you got a disorder and should see a doctor about how to get your mind and spirit into stopping your binge eating.

Yeah I don’t purge and never have.

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