How I manage the illness

It’s always important to take your medicine never go off meds, or you risk the chance that they stop working. I take methylene blue 2 drops at night in some water, with oregano oil capsules, and cbd supplement in capsule form. And I always visualize my self as myself. I made my illness worse when I became another person inside. After about 2 months of this thinking I started talking better. That’s what helped me it’s a real struggle I hate the illness so much. I hope I can help someone else manage it better because it is destructive.


That’s always on my mind if I get tempted to stop meds.

I micromanage mine to see if I can annoy it enough that it quits and goes elsewhere.

Now this is the kind of thread I like to see. Thank you @Gravesscar. It’s ridiculous, but I still need reminding sometimes. I think you are right though. I’ll keep taking my meds.

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Deceptively simple. Good advice