Taking meds off and on

So is it unhealthy to take meds one day, then not take them for a couple days, then take it again? Like would it cause any damage? For example could it cause a stroke or something? Honestly don’t remember where I heard/saw that… I hate google and I don’t see my prescriber for a few weeks…

My first psychiatrist told me that medication can become less effective every time you quit then go back on it. Quit and restart too many times and it may stop working all together.


Ah okay…


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Yeah that’s not a good idea to take them on and off.


Alright, darn it lol

It’s always best to be consistent with your meds. Always take as directed.


Go for the depot injection so have I for 26 years

Probably not good for every med. My primary did tell me I could alternate days for my omeprazole since she was strictly monitoring it. But its a GI med.

I just realized this is an old threat sorry.

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What’s happening is you aren’t letting the meds get into your bloodstream. Imagine dropping a tide pod in water. It seeps out and eventually turns the water it’s soapy blue color. Now imagine dipping it in and taking it out immediately. You will just have a drop of blue. Tide pod is your medicine and the laundry water is your blood.

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