How has your day been so far

I’ve had a bad day and a good day at the same time. So pretty much normal day, not a good day. I got out and got cigarettes, a Dr. Peppper, and reeses cups bar. I also have experience intrusive thoughts and I don’t have enough to do today. Hopefully I’ll have a good night.

How has your day been so far?


Uneventful. Boring. Long.
Thank goodness it’s bedtime now.

PS I love Dr Pepper!


mine has been a bit boring as well. it’s been raining all day so i’ve just been sitting inside, not doing much.


Working from home. Watching the dogs and had lunch at Jack in the Box.


At work. Some ups, some downs. I’m about to take my break and drink a Rockstar. Then I get to do a job I don’t mind much: I just finished vacuuming the gym and after breaks over I’m going to mop it. Usuallly its empty or just a couple people in it.

If there’s such a thing as being relaxed while mopping, that’s going to be me in about 15 minutes.


Not so good. My case manager told me I had a 9am appointment with my pdoc. I got there at 8am, but when 9am rolled around the doc’s assistant said my appointment was for 10am. I didn’t see him until 10:30 or 10:45. I have arthritis and it hurts to sit so long. Also I no longer have a car so I had to walk from home. I also found out my primary care nurse practitioner no longer works there. I needed to see him because the urgent care nurse practitioner yesterday said I had diabetic neuropathy in my big toe. I was supposed to see a wound specialist and I needed a referral.


Bad, I had a big fight with my 2 brothers. They made fun of my schizophrenia. I can’t live alone bcz I can’t take care of myself like bathing etc


my day has been perfect until I picked some spots damit!

Bought movies… Got scared in my heart again …
Almost ready to go to bed I don’t feel good :sleeping:

Spent half the day in the local emergency for chest pain and shortness of breath. Not a heart attack, not COVID, and I haven’t thrown clots. Don’t know what the hell is going on. Also hope I didn’t pick up COVID from having to go there. Back home with the cat complaining because she doesn’t like the hospital smell on me.


Pretty sweet overall, lonely morning but just now I was listening to the radio with my dad. It felt nice to be there.

I hope you are okay. Are they still going to let you take Geodon?

I am worried about that one day. I already had one scare and had to quit cold turkey for a week. But I take the highest dose.

Oh yes. I’ve got a bugger of a congenital heart defect that they know is responsible for most of the issues. It’s not something the Geodon will actually make that much worse.


It wasn’t so bad as far as I go. I tied up a few loose ends like housing authority things today. Been in a better frame of mind too. Smoked less today. Maybe tommorrow I can quit.

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Day went pretty good. I watched two new movies. They were very good. One was called, The Killer Next Door.

And the other, I forgot it’s name but it was about a beautiful young Mormon girl who discovers she’s a lesbian and her strict parents throw her in a horrific, abusive, conversion camp. And, it is based on a true story.


Cooking up a pizza, watching a movie, probably Jurassic Park — anything entertaining, not much else going on…

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I’ve had a good day. So far. Went through two of my therapy modules. Went to the bank. Picked up quionoa. Washed the dishes. Good all in all. No bad habits creeping in today so far.


I just went outside and spoke with my neighbor. Its very sunny, it burns. I checked my mail, I still didn’t receive my China packages from AliExpress, cellphone, bluetooth speaker, 20 vape catridges, 4 in 1 USB charger etc

Its been 2-3 months and not a single package arrived because of corona. Sellers said it could take 4 months and will refund after. I already got 2 refunds on 2 items, one from AliExpress and one from eBay.

Corona really sucks.

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My day is ending now. It has been a good one.
Stopped myself from eating fresh cookies on the dining table!
We will be playing tennis on Thursday. Weather has been lovely today. pissed off with this pulsatile tinnitus noise that I hear in bed. Once I find answers I can relax.

Half my day was good and half bad.