How hairy are you downstairs

1 bushy
2 little hairy
3 average
4 no hair at all

I turned more hairy since the meds… I am sure its them, for real… I have now even white hair on my chin, these meds are like that, yeap :confused: …

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It’s average I guess, but I keep it trimmed.

I have a question how do one get it off the nuts, I always cut my self.

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There are lots of special shavers that don’t cut.

I use this one, Philips One Blade

But search , there are safe shavers just for downstairs


I shave every month my privates and armpits, thry groe out like 1-2cm then i shave

What does average mean here?

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Maybe 2-3cm or about one inch, I dunno, lol

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I shave my face once a week. Downstairs i never shave. I would gather to say that the hair surrounding my nether regions is bushy.

I’d say just right because it braids nicely.


Trimmed for sure

i shave downstairs. once every week.

I waxed all through my late teens, 20s.

It was brutal.

Now I keep the hair pretty trimmed down,

But I’ll never wax again.

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Business in the front party in the back :partying_face:


I like such things natural. It feels more strong and feminine (as opposed to girlish).

I did buy a razor lately, to try something different again. I was amazed. They have them in different amounts of knives. All sorts of sensitive skin solutions. In strawberry or coconut. Wtf? Why would I want my lady bits to taste like chemical fake strawberry stuff? People are weird. :slight_smile:


No romance, no shave.

Well it is average then.

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Medium I give it a good trim sometimes

I am not very hairy, have hair on my chest, and I am au natural downstairs…haha

On women I prefer natural or trimmed.

I don’t like bald. As soon as it starts growing back it’s rough irritating stubble against my face and itchy for her. Plus I like the musky natural pubic smell, it’s a turn on, you lose that with shaved.