Do you shave your privates?

I started shaving at age 16, then i think i stopped for some periods of time as i couldnt be bothered. No from age 21 i shave regularly as it doesnt not feel itchy sometimes and i find myself more clean.

No, I don’t shave my privates nor my face. I only shave my head

Yesh me does but me getting laser hair removal down there to make it easier. Since I’m hairy atm

I had made such a thread in the past, but it wasn’t welcomed


When I started seeing pubic hair all over my bedroom and in other places of the house and where they shouldnt be I shaved my pubic hairs with some electric shaver they advertise on tv that i saw at wallmart. I have gotten bitten by it a couple of times and a little blood came out. I want to try manscape as they claim it does not bite.

Nope. I prefer to not shave. If i had a husband i might, but reluctantly. I dont like shaving armpits either, but i do at times. I find it more feminine with unshaved armpits, but the rest of society seems to disagree. (The strong woman versus little girl kind of feminine). My legs i shave sometimes, when i feel like it. Never in winter.

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@Dude1 thats on my wish list

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I think shaving is a lot like having voices, the more attention you give to it the bigger it gets. But a manscape 2.0 now I think thats a habit worth investing in, kinda like haldo Either way Id rather avoid the chafe.

Yeah I will check ebay or somthing and might go agead and order one of those after I google a littler more on them.

The problem with that approach is going to be there are professional advertisement testimonies littered everywhere. I trust this forum more cuz people like to give blunt commentary

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Sometimes I do. Most of the time it is too much trouble and my boyfriend doesn’t really care that much.


I used to sometimes when I had a gf and wasn’t obese. But now that I am single and that I am obese it feels disgusting shaved bcz of all the sweat and itchiness, hair absorbs sweat I think.

Hair is cleaner, it’s there for a reason
Trim it a bit, sure, keep it tidy


I really don’t, unless I plan on inviting someone to see or touch my downstairs area.
Which I currently have no plans for, nor have I had for the past 5 years, so why bother lol

About every 4 weeks I shave,

But not with a razor,

I just use a real close shave on the electric clippers.

I like the way the hair looks and feels at about two weeks.

Wish I could keep it like that all the time,

But I’m not wasting all my time and energy on pubic hair.

Yes I’m sexually active. So I shave every now and then. Just to keep it trimmed.

Wouldn’t clean shave, you’d get a rash or something. Just groom to maybe 1cm.

No I’m natural. But I don’t have much hair. For some reason I don’t grow hair on my legs, arm pits, ass or much down there. My ex always says puberty started and then got to that point and said “just joking”. It’s nice never having to shave my legs and such.

I just keep it trimmed, my partner doesn’t mind and I prefer hair as I like being natural.

I shave because the hair feels really uncomfortable to me. Mr. Star shaves for the same reason. I do a clean shave with a razor, and I don’t get a rash or anything.